The Already-On-My-Wrist Edition Friday, April 19, 2024

The Humane AI Pin Has No Future As Long As The Apple Watch Exists, by David Price, Macworld

It’s not difficult to imagine, a few years down the line, the Apple Watch finding a new niche for itself as a portable AI companion. This is already the lowest-friction of all Apple’s products: when I need to set a timer I instinctively do so on my watch rather than my phone because it doesn’t need taking out of a pocket – it’s already there. If Siri gets better and regains our confidence, which admittedly is a big if, then all the other ingredients are in place.

The Humane AI Pin Is Lost In Translation, by Victoria Song, The Verge

Even so, I can’t help but long for the future Humane demoed. I can study Japanese and Korean for the rest of my life — and I will — but there’ll always be gaps. I have countless memories of times when I forgot how to speak my second and third languages. Times when I was in physical pain, nervous, or had to do math. (I guarantee you, everyone does math in their native tongue.) In those moments, it’d be nice to have a simple, seamless way to ask for help. And to be understood.


AirPlay Is Now Available In Select IHG Hotels & Resorts Properties, by Apple

Users can automatically connect to the compatible LG hotel TV in their guest room and the hotel’s Wi-Fi network by scanning a unique QR code on the screen. Once connected, guests can share almost anything on the big screen in their hotel room directly from their iPhone or iPad. Guests can also pair multiple devices to the TV, so friends and loved ones traveling together can also enjoy.

Astropad Rock Paper Pencil V2, The Pen-on-paper iPad Upgrade Gets Even Better, by Michael Potuck, 9to5Mac

Last year Astropad launched its impressive Rock Paper Pencil kit for iPad that delivers a reusable/removable matte screen protector plus a ballpoint-style Apple Pencil tip for a real pen-on-paper experience. This year the company delivered Rock Paper Pencil v2 with a NanoCling border, flat profile, improved Apple Pencil tip, and more.

Delta Takes Flight: Apple-approved Nintendo Emulator Is A Great iOS Option, by Kyle Orland, Ars Technica

The app is obviously built with iOS in mind and already integrates some useful features designed for the mobile ecosystem. While there are some updates we'd like to see in the future, this represents a good starting point for where Apple-approved game emulation can go on iOS.


Apple Pulls WhatsApp From China Store At Beijing’s Behest, by Mark Gurman and Sarah Zheng, Bloomberg

Apple Inc. removed social media services including Meta Platforms Inc.’s WhatsApp and Threads from its Chinese app store, responding to orders from Beijing to close more loopholes in the country’s longstanding internet firewall.

The iPhone maker also removed the messaging services Telegram and Signal, according to consultants tracking the space. Apple, which has consistently complied with one of the world’s most rigid internet censorship regimes, said the Cyberspace Administration of China ordered the apps removed over national security concerns.

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Screens are important. Screens are nice. Almost every Apple device in recent history either has a screen, or requires the customer to attach one or more screens.

The iPod shuffle required the customer to attach a computer with a screen in order to listen on it. And the HomePod simply works better if you also have a phone with a screen or a computer with a screen. It is also probably why the Apple Music Voice Plan (look ma, no screen!) was discontinued, and we are now hearing rumors of a new HomePod that comes with, yes, a screen.

I am guessing AI bots will simply work better with a screen.


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