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Wednesday, January 19, 2000


Apple Quietly Changes Its Logo
by Media Central
Marketing experts say the logo's new look is part of an effort to transform Apple's image from that of "scrappy populist" to one of world-class technologist.

Apple Blows Away Estimates And Steve Gets An Airplance
by The Mac Observer
Apple announced as a reward for Steve's excellent work performance on a salary of a dollar a year he'll get a Gulf Stream corporate jet.

Apple's Strong Quarter Smashes Estimates
Apple Computer greeted the new millennium with a bang by posting a strong quarter of earnings that far exceeded expectations and last year's mark... The positive earnings surprise can be taken as another piece of evidence that the "new" Apple can execute on its promises even after missteps.

Apple's Earning Ripen
by CBS MarketWatch
iMac, iBook computer maker sails past estimates.

Apple Releases Major Update For QuickTime Streaming Server
by The Mac Observer
Apple has released a major update to QuickTime Streaming Server. The new version, version 2, includes several new features, most notably increased abilities for end users to view streaming content from behind a firewall.

Telecommuting: How To And Who Should
by San Jose Merucry News
Telecommuters struggle with issues such as how to stay in touch with their co-workers, how their performance will be measured, and whether their careers will suffer because they aren't in the office. Before you give up your office, veteran telecommuters and career experts emphasize that it's important to analysze whether telecommuting is right for you, your job and your company.

Snub For Mac OS 9 Speed Doubler
by Macworld UK
Connectix has "no plans" to develop Mac OS 9-compatible versions of its Speed Doubler and Surf Express software, according to the company's Web site.


Star Wars Episode 1: Insider's Guide
by Inside Mac Games
If you are a true Star Wars fan or just a fan of the latest movie, this guide is for you. It's full of detailed information about every little thing in the huge Star Wars universe, focusing of course on Episdoe 1 universe.

Rainbow Six
by MacNN
Sim fans will be thrilled with the high level of detail surrounding every aspect of the planning stage. Casual players may find it a little daunting, however, making Rainbow Six not a game for everyone.


Wednesday, January 19, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

AppleInsider reports that Mac OS 9.0 Update (formely known as Mac OS 9.0.1) has reached Final Candidate stage. However, (and here's probably the part where Apple leaks false information just to trick everybody) the update will only be released when the new 17-inch iMac gets released. This is so that Apple can still cram more stuff into the update should the need arises due to the new hardware.

TIE-Tanic - when Star Wars meet you-know-what. QuickTime required.

Mac OS Rumors updates us on the current status on the different upcoming versions of PowerMac G4. Again, may I warn you that these are not machines that have been announced by Apple, and the rumor sites have known to be, well, not so accurate, so don't delay your purchasing decision based on these info, okay?

Need a job?


HP Quietly Adopts AMD's Athlon Chip
True to its button-down culture, Hewlett-Packard has been quietly shipping consumer PC using AMD's Athlon processor to some retail outlets and will likely begin to sell them on the Web by early March.

Transmeta Shoots For 700 MHz With New Chip
Transmeta said that it will come out with two fairly inexpensive, low-voltage processor families that can runt he same software that Intel chip can because of Transmeta's "code-morphing" software. With Crusoe chips, customers will be able to buy cheaper notebook computers that can run all day on batteries without recharging.

Microsoft Drops On Slower Business Sales
by Bloomberg
Shares of Microsoft fell as much as 5.7 percent after sales to businesses were slower than expected and the company said investment gains helped bolster its fiscal second-quarter profit.

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