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Monday, March 6, 2000

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Mac OS X Vs. Mac OS 9: The Dock
by Blog This!
I see great things for the Dock, and I know it will improve my daily operations, but Apple should follow the simple rule (particularly regarding the ever-useful Apple menu): if it ain't borken, don't fix it.


Operating System Makes Apple Shine
by The Detroit News
OS X stands out. Apple's unusual attention to detail is crafting a pleasant computing experience realy shows through.

MacLaunch Buys MacOPINION, Hearlding Future Waves Of Consolidation
by The Mac Observer
In what we think will be the first round of consolidationin the Mac web market, MacLaunch has announced the purchase of MacOPINION.

More On Apple's Reseller Revision
by MacCentral
Apple's aggressive efforts to stem the gray market have been largely successful and Apple resellers maintain the advantages of price and support over the gray market.

Alternate Hardware
I see cheap PowerPC desktops such as the iMac becoming a preferred choice for Linux desktop users in the future because of its easy installation and increasing device and application support.

Obsolete Floppy Disk Dead At 48
by The Orange County Register
Floppy disk, the abused but loyal companion of computer users everywhere, has died of obsolescence. He was 48.

Mac Fans Can Survive In A PC World
by Atlanta Journal-Constituion
While most of the computer information [on the Web] addresses the problems of the majority of American users who run Windows, some excellent sites specialize in Macintosh information.


How Not To Serve
by Applelinks
This week's Farr Site features Sprint, Apple, AirPort, & Greedy Pig-Dogs from Hell! Repeat after me: "It's Only Money, It's Only Money. . ." Feel better now? No?? Say it again!

by Applelinks
Big gets Bigger. Big tends to take over. Big appeals to the masses. But there's a loophole. Big leaves a lot behind.


Monday, March 6, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Question for my dear readers: I mainly use the Paint and Draw portion of AppleWorks 5 for simple consumer-type design and such. Do you think I should upgrade to AppleWorks 6?

Mitnick: The founders of Apple Computer Inc. — now worth hundreds of millions of dollar — described manipulating the nation's telephone system decades ago.


Intel Tackles Notebook Security
by PC Week
The chip maker plans to announce a new security architecture designed to make stolen notebooks about "as useful as bricks".

AMD Stock Zooms On 1-GHz Victory
AMD beat Intel to the market with a chip that hits the touted 1-GHz speed barrier, and its investors are reaping the benefits today.

Microsoft Sells 500,000 Copies Of Win2000
by Sm@rt Reseller
It's mostly Win2K Professional, but the total doesn't include worldwide or corporate-account sales.

One-gig PCs Offer Speed — At A Price
Fast, brawny 1-GHz, or "one-gig," PCs debut today, but all that power comes at a premium: Many of these systems cost as much as — or more than — a good used car.

Windows 2000: Waving The Flag, Weakly
by Business Times
Microsoft's failure to sell what is really a compelling story is a sign that the times, they are indeed a-changing.

New, Legacy-free Machines Good For Computer "Newbies"
by Houston Chronicle
Get used to seeing the term "legacy-free". Never mind that it's yet another bit of maddening computer-industry jargon, it's good news for everyday PC users frustrated with the complexity of these machines.

Compaq Offering A Home Computer With A Faster Chip
by New York Times
The first home computer with a one-gigahertz chip, which can process data 17 percent faster than the top consumer chip now on the market, will be offered for sale on Thursday, the Compaq Computer Corp. said Sunday night.

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