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Saturday, March 11, 2000

Top Stories

THS Thanks Alumnus For $155,000 Gift
by The Capital-Journal
The college dropout who struck Internet pay dirt thanked his alma mater with a gift of $155,000... The gift furnished a labof 32 400 megahertz Macintosh G4 computers each outfitted with multimedia software plus a 35 gigabyte server that can write onto CDs.

Answering The Monopoly Apologists
by osOpinion
How can we reason in an intelligent and calm manner with those whose credulous acceptance of Microsoft's crafty excuses leads them to question our fairness and common sense?

Apple's OS X Is A Unix-Mac Attack
by Internet Week
This is an amazing piece of OS coding. If it lives up to its promise in the final version, I'd consider it worth the money to buy an OS for features and quality, rather than just for market presence. Well done, Apple.


Apple Harvests The iMac Windfall
by Green Magazine
For the future, Apple seems poised to continue to deliver spectacular models and, at long last, an operating system that will provide previously unheard of levels of reliability and stability. It seems that after travelling a long, hard road, Apple has found its way back.

Amelio: Apple's Great User Experience Lacking
by MacNN
[Gil Amelio] praised Steve Jobs leadership in improved product performance, networking connectivity and industrial design, but criticized Apple's current and future direction in ease of use, quality, stability and compatibility.

Future Power Demands Apple Retraction Of Settlement Claim
by MacNN
Future Power contends the Apple press release is misleading and gives the impression that because Apple settled its claim with Daewoo and stopped the sale of blue-and-white e-Power PCs in the U.S. that the same agreement applies to Future Power.


PDA Future
by Blog This!
What will the future bring to the PDA? What role will Apple technology play in its future? I have a few predictions, mostly just a wish list drawn from current technologies.

Making Waves With Aqua
by ZDNet
I'm anxious to see if Aqua can push the envelope without undermining the Mac's fundamental appeal to its long-time users.


iMac DV Makes Home Video Editing Simple
by CNN
All in all the iMac DV and the iMovie video editing tool is very easy to learn and use. If Apple could offer a way to import new transitions and other effects, and add a way to create Video CDs, it could be all that you ever need for basic video editing.


Saturday, March 11, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

A 12-year-old will probably be expelled from school from brining in a blunt-edged safety scissors to school. What really went wrong?


Praise For X-box — But Doubts, Too
by ZDNet
Microsoft Corp.'s X-Box game console grabbed praise at the Game Developers Conference on Friday, after founder Bill Gates showed off demos of the technology during his hour long opening keynote. Yet, at least one industry analyst questioned if Microsoft can make its Fall 2001 deadline.

Microsoft Is Still 'The Evil Empire'
by ZDNet
Microsoft bashing is just not as fun as it used to be.

Intel Wins X-box Deal At 11th Hour
by PC Week
How did Intel snatch away the coveted role of primary chip vendor for MS' game system?

IBM Reveals Wireless Notebook Strategy
IBM may be coming to the wireless party late, but analysts say its long-term strategy and broad experience could easily propel Big Blue past competitors.

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