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Saturday, March 18, 2000

Top Stories

Durham Mother And Son Traveling To Bolivia On An Educational Mission
by Daily Democrat
Armstrong, 14, a freshman at Oyster River High Schoo, will assist his mother in her research and conduct his own to send back via the school's Web site.

Tech Data Wins Back Apple
Apple shares jumped up... as investors took the announcement for what it was: Sales at Apple are rockng and Tech Data, a distributor that buys products from more than 1,000 manufacturers and sells them to more than 100,000 retailers worldwide, has unmatched scale.


Adobe Relents: InDesign Update Free (To Some)
Adobe Systems announced Friday that customers who paid the full $699 price for InDesign 1.0 will be able to upgrade to version 1.5 for free. However, those who purchased the software at its introductory price of $299 will have to pay for the update.

Internet Explorer 5.0 To Ship In Two Weeks
A Microsoft spokesperson [said] that the Mac edition of Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0 is now scheduled for release by the end of March, about two weeks after the original ship date.

Xerox To Offer Mac Ink-jets
A Xerox spokesman [said] on Thursday that the company plans to offer low-cost ink-jet printers for the Macintosh this summer. The printers would represent the company's first-ever offerings for the Mac SOHO market.

Another One Bite The Dust: Microware Suit Against Apple Dismissed
by The Mac Observer
It is not likely that an embedded processor developer is going to go shopping for an embedded processor operating system and accidentally pick up a copy of the Mac OS.


Hunkerin' Down In Cupertino
by MacAddict
Apple needs to stop lying to us and covering up their problems... The more you try to hide the truth, the more people like me want to know the truth. And when you lie and try to cover up that lie, people always find it out sooner or later.

Macs Age Gracefully!
The Macintosh provides many systems for many needs, from high end to the low end. Even the older Macs of yesteryear are still going strong, able to do much more than their PC counterparts.

Desktop Publishing Perestroika
InDesign remains an exciting product, and I'm pleased at Adobe's apparent commitment to rapid, aggressive upgrades. From the sound of it, its current pricing misstep will be a lesson learned, and the company will do a better job of differentiating bug fixes from true evolutionary steps in future releases.


Saturday, March 18, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Slate went down... Al I can see now is a welcome message from Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack. What, you mean you aren't upgrading to Windows 2000?

Steve Seaquist on AppleWorks 6: The last time I saw such a resounding hostile reception to a so-called "upgrade", it was also a version 6... Microsoft Word version 6.


Intel Uses Pricing Clout To Land X-box Deal
by Electronic Buyers' News
While there is disagreement as to whether Intel won based on price or performance, industry sources said [Intel] cut its offer to the bone to block rival AMD from using the X-Box as a stepping stone to the broader consumer-electronics market.

Microsoft Developing PC Tablet Device
by InfoWorld
Microsoft is tackling the sticky issue of combining the functionality of several devices — pagers, laptops, cell phones, and PDAs — into one unit.

Microsoft Tackles Web Email Breach
In response to a number of customer complaints, Microsoft has posted a fix for a security problem that could have potentially crashed the computers of people who use Web-based email.

Intel Module Flaw Hits Toshiba Notebooks
by Computer Reseller News
A problem with some of Intel's older 400-MHz Mobile Module 1 processor cards is causing Toshiba Satellite notebooks shipped with the module to break down, and both companies are scrambling to clean up the mess.

Intel To Release 850-MHz, 866-MHz Amid Shortage
While computer enthusiasts typically welcome the introduction of new processors, the tight supply of the faster Pentium IIIs continue to be a source of irritation for manufacturers and dealers who incorporate Intel processors into their computers.

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