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Thursday, March 23, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Broadens Software Selection At The Apple Store
by The Mac Observer
Apple has done what many have wanted for a long time. The company has broadened the software selection available at The Apple Store and added several new titles.

Dealing With Dead Pixels In TFT Displays
by Low End Mac
While it is possible to build TFT screens in which all the pixels work perfectly..., it is impossible to guarantee 100 percent perfection in all those millions of tiny transistors while keeping the price of the product affordable.


Enjoy Your New Software, And Check Out THe Advertisements
by New York Times
I don't really notice or mind the ads, but it's a disturbing thought that by clicking on one, that information could be collected and sent somewhere.

John Farr
by MacAddict
From an occupational standpoint, the greatest weakness [of the Mac web] is that there are altogether too many people dying to put their words on a Web site and be read... Professionalism and quality are scare.

AirPort Software May Damage Lucent's WaveLan Card
by MacCentral
Apple and Lucent are warning users of Apple's AirPort to be very careful when installing the drivers if you have one of the Lucent's WaveLan cards installed in your PowerBook.

Utility Vendors In Buyout Binge
Aladdin Systems, continuing a recent consolidation among Mac utility vendors, announced on Wednesday that it has acquired Trexar Technologies, developer of the MacHeadlines, MacTuner and WeatherTracker Web utilities.


I'm Living In My Own Private Tennessee
by MacOS Daily
I think it's best if we can actually get computer companies off the imitation track and onto the innovation track. There's still so much that can be achieved in the personal computer market - so much promise that is still undelivered.

Christmas 2000: A Critical Battle
by The Mac Junkie
By design or by fortune, Apple's future success now lies almost entirely with their consumer-oriented products.

Is Loyalty To Apple Sufficient?
There are jobs, and there are jobs. Some require a different mind set — something that is often conveniently overlooked.

The Death Of CodeWarrior
When Mac OS X launches this summer, will Metrowerks' famed CodeWarrior die a quiet death? Or will the company that saved the PowerPC be going strong into 2001 and beyond?


Apple's Wireless Networking Fails To Work Out Of The Box
by Washington Times
I reached the conclusion — over the irretrievable loss of six hours — that a company's product should work, out of the box.

The Crystal Key
The Crystal Key may be formulaic on the surface, but inside it has enough unique elements to help it break out of the shadow of its predecessors. It may not be enough to herald the revival of the adventure game, but it's a solid start.

AppleWorks 6
by Go2Mac
The general operation of AppleWorks has not changed significantly since version 4. Even with its excellent Internet integration and functional Starting Points window, AppleWorks does not offer enough new functionality to merit a full version upgrade from version 5 to version 6.

Sundial 3.0
by MacNN
Sundial is an affordable solution for users wishing to spice up their desktop.


Thursday, March 23, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Welcome! You've found me.

In the news: the latest issue of Time magazine has our favorite consumer desktop PC on the cover.

Get ready for Microsoft Linux — innovative!


Microsoft Scuttles Tax Program
by ZDNet
After fielding TaxSaver for less than a year, MS concedes defeat to Intuit — but does a deal with H&R Block.

Gates Shows Off Prototype Wireless Device
Microsoft continues to signal its intent to be a major player in the booming market for handheld and other non-PC devices.

Microsoft Antitrust Settlement Near?
by Wall Street Journal
While the talks could still collapse over specific terms, the glf between the two sides is narrowing, and the outlines of an agreement may be within reach.

Shoppers' PC Shuffle: Order And Reorder
by New York Times
The processing speed of new Windows-based computers has doubled in the past year, lurching forward every few weeks and outpacing the ability of some personal computer makers to build and ship their top-end models before a faster chip arrives.

BugNet Top 30 Windows 2000 Bugs
by BugNet
Here are some of the more dangerous, comic or widespread bugs affecting Windows 2000 right now.

Microsoft To Roll Out Windows 2000 Lite
by InformationWeek
Microsoft will soon introduce a "lite" version of its Windows 2000 operating system aimed at running task-specific devices such as Internet appliances and caching servers, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

PocketPC Targets The Palm
by ZDNet
Microsoft will unleash its latest assault against Palm Inc. on April 190. Will PocketPC have the right stuff?

Cheap Chip Onslaught From Intel, AMD
Although Intel and AMD have focused their attention on the performance end of the processor market lately, the two companies are preparing for a heated battle over budget PCs and processors.

Klein Says Serious Microsoft Antitrust Remedy Sought
Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein told a congressional committee today that any remedy in the landmark Microsoft antitrust case must be commensurate with the seriousness of the firm's actions.

Windows Source Code Leaked?
by Wired News
Microsoft's next version of Windows may be open source, but not by design. The company is investigating whether the source code for the planned 2001 version of Windows was posted on several websites.

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