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Wednesday, March 29, 2000

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Are Aqua-skeptics Luddites?
by Low End Mac
However, not everyone thinks the same, and just because some people have looked at Aqua (first- or secondhand), listened to the hype, and been unenchanted by what is being presented, does not mean that they are stupid, "fearful," or "pathetic." Even people who resist change reflexively are not necessarily wrong.


Microsoft Releases Tardy Mac Browser
Operating on the assumption that late is better than never, Microsoft has unveiled its newest browser for the Macintosh platform—a full year after releasing Internet Explorer 5 for Windows.

Macromedia Pushes Flash
Macromedia CEO Rob Burgess offered a sneak peek at Flash 5 during his Flashforward2000 keynote speech.

Flash SDKs Now Available
Macromedia's software kits will make it easier for developers to add Flash export and playback functions to their applications. One goal is to bring Flash to new handheld devices.

Apple Makes Plans For Drupa
The Mac maker will highlight its publishing technologies at the world's largest printing industry trade show.

L&H Buys Dragon Systems
The speech technology developers will combine forces, but the fate of NaturallySpeaking for the Mac remains unclear.


Are Any Mac Sites Safe
by Macinstein
Eventhough this was based on logos and tademark issues, every Mac web site should know exactly what they are allowed to do. So, anyone running a Mac related web site, know Apples rules and regs.

Why Rumor Sites Hurt You And Apple
by The Mac Observer
So before you think that you're serving your primary consuming interests when reading or writing Mac rumor sites, think about what I said. Before you do anything that can hurt a company's interests, remember what this loud mouth columnist said about how you and companies meet at some point.


AppleWorks 6
by MacCentral
AppleWorks, in my opinion, is as important as any Apple-branded application, including Final Cut Pro and iMovie. But this "major upgrade" is a major disappointment.


Wednesday, March 29, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

When I first started out learning Pascal and computers back in school, we had a PDP-11, shared by the whole class. I can still remember that after I issue a command to compile my program, it will take quite a long while before it is done and I can get on with my exercise. Why bring this up? Well, I was just checking my Yahoo e-mail just now... All things gooshy-geek with a sweet Macintosh center.


Intel To Unleash New, Improved Celerons
by ZDNet
Chip giant on Wednesday will announce 566MHz and 600MHz versions of the chip, boasting new features to boost clock speeds — with prices largely unchanged.

No Ruling In Microsoft Antitrust Trial
U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, who set today as a deadline for his decision in the landmark Microsoft antitrust trial, will postpone his decision, according to a court liaison.

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