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Thursday, March 30, 2000


Netscape 6 To Debut April 5
by PC World
Netscape fans can exhale; a beta release of Netscape 6 premieres next Tuesday at Internet World in Los Angeles.

For The Well Connected, All The World's An Office
by New York Times
Bubble baths, both real and metaphorical, experts say, are crucial for an employee's psychological well being and, ultimately, for that person's productivity.

IE 5.0 'Hit By Legal Troubles'
by Macworld UK
Irving Kwong, Microsoftís Macintosh product manager, said: "We donít yet know the future of the media toolbar. If we can add it in the future with all legal agreements in place, then we will."

Opinions Mixed On Mac Cards Shut Down
by MacNN
"We saved your [expletive deleted] company and bought your computers!" one unidentified fan wrote. "At least let us think different!"

Adobe Reduces Update Fee
InDesign 1.5, which is now shipping, costs $30 if you bought version 1.0 for $299. Adobe told MacWEEK that it will move more aggressively to address user complaints before charging for another upgrade.

Metastream's Big Moves
The company announced new 3-D software and a deal with Adobe to support the Metastream format in exchange for Canoma. But the fate of other MetaCreations programs remains unclear.


Do "Rumor Sites" Really Hurt Apple Or You?
When Pismo was not introduced at MWSF, did Apple's stock price tank? No. Did it recede significantly? No. Did it climb from the 80s to the 140s over Q1 200? Yes. The rumor sites had egg on their face, but that seems to be the real extent of the damage.


USB Scanners
by Macworld
Canon, Umax offer simple, speedy scanning.


Thursday, March 30, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

New feature: If, for some reasons, you want to read old articles in SideTrack, you can do so by going to this link. You will then be able to read the previous days simply by clicking on the calendar.

(Of course, readers who are already on that page will find that the previous paragraph makes absolutely no sense. Sorry)

And, yes, the calendar do look familiar. It was, more or less, stolen from Userland. I hope Dave don't mind.

Okay, enough coding for the day...


Developers Skeptical About Microsoft Concessions
by ZDNet
"It's all a game of semantics. And as we've found in our negotiations with Microsoft, when it's about semantics Microsoft wins every time."

Intel's New Chips Target High End Of Budget Class
Intel introduced two new Celeron processors for budget computers today that will kick off another cycle of competition in the consumer PC market.

DOJ, State Conflicts Compromise Microsoft Settlement
Increasing dissension among state plaintiffs may largely remove them from settlement negotiations in the trial, said sources close to the talks. The DOJ now finds itself at odds not just with Microsoft but with its partners in the case.

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