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Wednesday, April 5, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Releases Mac OS 9.0.4 Update
by MacCentral
Apple today released the much-anticipated update to their current Mac OS 9. According to Apple's Web site the update includes additional FireWire and USB support, enhanced networking and power management, and improves audio, video and graphics functionality.

Apple Mum On Microsoft Verdict
Shouts of joy may be echoing through the halls of Cupertino, but for now, Apple Computer's official response to Microsoft's guilty verdict in the Justice Dept. antitrust case is "No comment."


Confessions Of An Ex-Mac-Cult Member
This is where I stand today, vis-®¢-vis my relationship to Apple and the Macintosh platform. I'm introspecting. Now, before you excommunicate me from the Church of Macintosh, hear me out. Listen to what I have to say.

Yes, Rumor Sites Hurt Us: Rebuttal To Charles Moore
by The Mac Observer
As far as I am concerned, the buying interests of the public is not above the law. The journalist is not above the law either. Companies too are not above the law, and when they break those laws, that is when journalists have the right and responsibility to print "secret" information. Period.


Wednesday, April 5, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

From the people behind the excellent MacSurfer's Headline News comes the equally excellent TechNN.


Citizen Gates
by Salon
The media played the Microsoft trial as a judgment on the CEO's personality — and there was no way he could win.

Will Microsoft Rethink Plans For OS Additions?
Monday's ruling that Microsoft violated antitrust law raises the prospect that the software giant may temper plans to add new features to Windows, such as deeper security, instant messaging and voice recognition. But don't expect the company to retreat.

Judge May Speed Resolution Of Microsoft Case
by Reuters
The federal judge who found Microsoft in violation of antitrust law said yesterday he may put an appeal of his verdict on "a fast track" to the U.S. Supreme Court, bypassing an appellate court to speed resolution of the case, according to a report.

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