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Saturday, April 22, 2000

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Avoiding The Standardization Blues
When companies try to standardize computer systems, it usually means going all-Windows. Network administrator John Welch tells you what to do when the CEO says, 'We need to get rid of the Macs.'


The Death Of Shrink-wrapped Software
Goodbye, shelves and shrink-wrap: The Web's new Application Service Provider (ASP) model of distribution will change the face of software sales forever.

Shareholders Sing Apple's Praises
by Reuters
With consistent profits, a tripling stock price, hot products and the first stock split in 13 years, Apple Computer shareholders had few tough questions for management at the company's annual meeting.

Get Organized The Macintosh Way
by BusinessWeek
A new Personal Organizer upgrade from Chronos helps even the sloppiest people get some order in their lives.

Microsoft Mistakenly Posts Product Information On Web Site
Microsoft inadvertently posted on a Web site today information about its upcoming Macintosh Office upgrade, including details about important new features.

Users Behind A Firewall Rejoice! Apple Quietly Introduces HTTP Streaming Transport In QuickTime 4.1.1
by The Mac Observer
Apple offered the 4.1.1 update to their QuickTime software in early April. Although there were several minor bug fixes, there is no mention, unless you do a bit of digging, of the additional ability to stream using HTTP.


Why No Women On Apple's Board?
Your editor has seen a lot of water pass under his own little bridge, and we would like to remind all of you that precisely the same arguments, whether sincerely uttered or intended to manipulate, were advanced time and time again in the century just past to explain why blacks, Hispanics, Native Americans, Irishmen, etc. etc. and women were not to be found, recruited for, or admitted to this position or the other.

The Bittersweet End Of The Macintosh Utopia
And while they didnít mind if I installed Netscape (and a few other freeware utilities Iíve found to be indispensable for my job), Outlook and Office had to stay. They use it too much throughout the company for me not to use it. So I sucked it up and decided, ìIt canít be that bad, can it?î

Apple's Pro Dance Card
Apple may be the belle of the consumer ball, but it's still got to dance with them what brung it.


Saturday, April 22, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Australia have changed the Daylights Savings schedule this year to accomodate the Olympics. And here's Microsoft's patches for their products. I wonder if Apple have such stuff too... Not that I live in Australia.

Jeffrey Veen: Not only has [Microsoft's] Mac team created a stunning, aqua-inspired interface, it has pulled off a coup in the realm of standards compliance. It's done so well, in fact, that it has eclipsed its cousin, the Windows team: The Macintosh version of IE is now more robust and complete than the Windows version. How often does that happen?

Question for 'ya: Did you keep all those AOL Discs, or did you just throw them all away?

Microsoft, for a brief moment, posted a message on its website that introduces the reader to the next version of Microsoft Office for Macintosh. And here's the details.


Microsoft Tries On A Friendly Face
by Wall Street Journal
Microsoft is overhauling its advertising approach, shifting most of its ad budget to the selling of Microsoft itself.

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