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Saturday, June 3, 2000

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I Feel Your Pain
by AppleSurf
Ooooh, yes. Yet another revamp.


SuSE Linux Days Away From Mac Release
by MacAddict
Though there is no shortage of Mac-compatible Linux distributions, SuSE represents the first mainstream distribution to come to the Mac.


Deja Vu All Over Again
by MacCentral
You know, it's silly. Once a game does well, everyone has to make one just like it.

Slow, Slow, QuickTime Slow
by MacUser UK
[I]f Apple is serious about competing with Real and Microsoft, it is going to have to push the development of QuickTime Player very hard indeed.


Saturday, June 3, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

I Feel Your Pain

Oooooh, yes. Yet another revamp.

Of course, doing this right after the disastrous Salon redesign really made me think twice. What if I receive so many complaints and flames in my mailbox that my mail server crash? Wouldn't my ISP kick me off before I can even spell d-i-s-a-s-t-r-o-u-s?

Well, the total number of readers here is probably less than the total number of complaints received by Salon, so maybe I am safe.

Anytime a web site changes its layout, the readers have to relearn the interface. It's not something any webmaster want to inflict on the readers lightly.

On this front, I've tried to maintain as much of the old elements as possible. It's still a two column thingy, where the main content is scrolled down on the left while the minor right column functions as a side-bar.

There are two reasons for this revamp. (And no, advertisement is not one of them. Although, hey, I am not saying there will never be any advertisements here ever.)

Firstly, the amount of links is getting huge. Especially with the news feed coming in, web pages can get really long. As such, I've broken off the original "AppleSurf" and "SingaporeSurf" into multiple pages, with each page concentrating on just one section.

Secondly, some of the old sections are no longer relevant in this age where Apple is back, Microsoft is in trouble, and Linux is the flavor of the day. Old sections, such as "Seize the Day" and "Bad Press", are merged back into "AppleSurf News". New sections, such as "PenguinSurf", are created.

And hence, this is the result. What do you think? My mailbox is opened at — feel free to give me your comments, suggestions, and complaints.

Thank you for reading this, and thank you for all the support you've given to this little web site all these years.

  Heng-Cheong Leong


Critics Warn A Microsoft Breakup May Turn Out To Be Very Messy
by Wall Street Journal
[A] growing group of critics says that the governmentís breakup plan, far from providing for a tidy divorce, is in fact full of ambiguities and hidden complexities and could set off a chain reaction of unintended consequences.

Microsoft Says Web Site Violates Copyright
by Computerworld
Microsoft appeared to be backing down from the dispute last week.

Microsoft Breakup Offers Both Potential And Pitfalls, Analysts Say
by Associated Press
Corporate friends and foes alike are poised to benefit from a court-ordered breakup of Microsoft Corp. But one thing is clear, analysts say: Consumers have the most to lose.

Marathon To Offer NT Fault-Tolerance Solution
by InfoWorld
Endurance 6200 ties four Intel-based servers into one array of servers, which is split into two halves. Each half runs the same application, and if one half of the array fails, the application continues to run on the other side.

HP Upgrades High-end Windows Server
With the new NetServer AA 6200, HP has doubled the processing horsepower of its "assured availability" line, which is designed to crash far less frequently than ordinary servers.

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