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Wednesday, June 7, 2000

Top Stories

Judge: Microsoft Must Be Broken In Two
A federal judge ruled today that Microsoft should be broken into two companies, a decision that could radically tilt the balance of power in the technology industry.

Apple Takes Home Top Honors In Awards For Design Excellence
by The Mac Observer
Taking home top honors in this year's awards is the stunning Apple Cinema Display in the Business and Industrial Equipment category, and the USB iMac subwoofer, iSub, in the Consumer category.

Apple Talks About ColorSync
by MacCentral
You can start to resolve your local problems by learning how to make sure your monitor is correctly calibrated.


IBM Rolls Out New PowerPCs
The 750CX and 750CXe offer faster clock speeds and lower power consumption, but it's not clear whether either will end up in Apple's hardware.

Microsoft Mac Business Unit: Innovate Or Bust!
by Macworld UK
"Bill [Gates] loves the Mac. He encourages us to build the right products for the Mac, and point sout when we don't design them right."

Adobe Brings Non-PostScript Printing To InDesign
The Non PostScript Printing Update for Adobe InDesign 1.5 lets Mac users print to popular ink-jet printers and other non-PostScript devices directly from the program.

At Java Fest, McNealy, Jobs Play Up Kinship
by San Francisco Examiner
"We finally figured out how to work with each other from across the street. We're totally committed."


Why My Next Mac Might Be A PowerBook
by The Macjunkie
If you're a frustrated, rich, nomandic graphic artist... it looks like your ship has finally come in.

The Celeron Effect
by Low End Mac
Thanks to an on-chip L2 cache, Intel's cheap Celeron rivals Pentium III performance. IBM's enhanced G3s may offer similar benefits to the Mac user.


iTools: A Great Tool For Beginners
by The Mac Observer
The most important [attribute] is that it is really user friendly and very easy to use.

Heroes Of Might & Magic III
by Inside Mac Games
Heroes 3 is not a perfect game, but it certainly is fun to play and quite engrossing.

The Perfit Mouse-USB
by The Mac Observer
This mouse is a little pricey but worth every penny, chiefly because its ergonomics reduce the pain related by extensive use of the computer.

Overcoming PowerBook Hard Drive And Expandability Limitations
by MacOS Daily
[T]he PowerBook does have performance and expansion shortcomings compared with higher and desktop Macs.

Intellinews And Macticker Bring News And Stock Quotes To Your Desktop
by Macworld
Although both [software] provide information you could find free on the Web, those resources won't deliver it in a neat package right to your desktop.


Wednesday, June 7, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

New Stuff

Just released: iCards for you to celebrate Father's Day and Graduation Day.

Just launched: is where you can find all your Macintosh business resoures.


DOJ: Ruling A Victory For Consumers
by ZDNet
The U.S. Department of Justice was quick to declare Wednesday's ruling in Microsoft Corp.'s antitrust case a victory for consumers. It also used the occasion to argue that the mandated Microsoft breakup will be a boon for high-tech innovation, despite the company's arguments to the contrary.

Gates' Guarantee: We'll Win It
by ZDNet
A bitter and battling Bill Gates slammed Wednesday's court-ordered breakup as "unwarranted" and "unprecedented" and predicted Microsoft Corp. would ultimately win the case on appeal.

What People Are Saying About MS
by ZDNet
Quotes from industry leaders, scholars and politicians in reaction to the blockbuster breakup decision.

Ballmer Bemoans Innovation Loss
by Reuters
[A] possible breakup of the software giant would slow innovation within the industry, but that the company would survive either way.

Microsoft Remains Defiant
by Wired News
Microsoft will continue operating and developing software as one company despite a federal judge's ruling that it should be sliced in two for violating antitrust laws, Microsoft officials said Wednesday.

Transmeta Gears Up For Notebooks, Expands Chip Line
Upstart microprocessor designer Transmeta plans to showcase a number of corporate notebooks using its chips at PC Expo later this month, and will later diversify its product line to offer capabilities for different devices.

Reaction To Microsoft Ruling Is Swift, Mixed
Reaction was quick and varied today as high-tech executives, politicians and frontline software coders digested Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson's order splitting Microsoft into two companies.

Envisioing Life After Windows
For years, aspiring entrepreneurs had two fundamental goals when starting a high-tech company: raising money and steering clear of Bill Gates' empire.

Boldness, Pace Efine Jackson's Rle
With only passing comments, Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson recently touched off a frenzied round of speculation about the possibility of a three-way Microsoft split.

Microsoft Investors Face Split Decision
Today's court order to split Microsoft in two may leave investors with a tough choice: put their money in a proven software business with a limited future, or pin their hopes on a new, perhaps riskier, Internet company with vast growth potential.

Appeals Court Could Favor Microsoft
Microsoft may have good reason for boasting that it will prevail on appeal.

IBM And Microsoft: Antitrust Then And Now
Is history repeating itself?

Gates Talks Up High-tech On Capitol Hill, Omitting The Obvious
by Scripps McClatchyWestern Service
"Everyone here is past [the lawsuit]. People want to know what the next big breakthrough will be. This is a new economy. There are a lot of questions."

Poll Finds Few Affected By "I Love You" Virus
Fewer than one in 15 U.S. companies suffered substantial disruption due to the "I Love You" virus, according to a new Gallop poll.

Linux Beats Microsoft To Support Superfast Disks
by The Register
Linux support is now available for the Ultra ATA/100 bus specification.

Intel, Inside
by Salon
The world's largest semiconductor company treats every outsider like a potential spy.

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