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Monday, July 3, 2000


Journalism, Ethics And Sacred Cows
George Orwell said honest writers would admit to two motivations: the habit of noticing unpleasant facts, and a desire to show off.


Warcraft II: Edition
by Inside Mac Games
Welcome back to the land of Azeroth. Warcraft II — one of the most popular and successful computer games of all time — is here again with a new and improved version.


Monday, July 3, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Weird News

Call me weird, but I would expect to point to the brand new project from our beloved Redmond monopoly, rather than to the home page.

Bad News

If you are coming from Catcha, this is not a new initiative brought to you by SingTel. The only good thing out of Catcha might well be the "Friends" sponsorship. Even then...

Old News

4 years ago - CNET : Macintosh Sales Hit The Skids. Sales of Apple Computer's Macintosh lineup, already sluggish, are now plummeting and could make a comeback by the embattled computer maker more difficult than previously thought.


Microsoft Retains Supreme Court Expert For Legal Team
by Associated Press
Carter Phillips, a top litigator before the U.S. Supreme Court, has been retained by Microsoft Corp. to assist with appeals in its landmark antitrust case.

Microsoft Adds Top Attorney To Antitrust Team
by TechWeb

New Pentium For Power Users Only, Analysts Say
by Computer Weekly
Intel's new Pentium IV processor will give a performance boost for office PCs, but only for power-hunger users, according to a US analyst.

Let's Not Spare The Rod
by ZDNet
What appears to matter here is not competition between Oracle and Microsoft, but some amorphous popularity contest or battle for mind share.

Microsoft Challenges Java With C Sharp
by ZDNet
Microsoft appears to be ready to give up on its efforts to be a Java language vendor and is substituting a new language of its own, C Sharp, that captures some of Java's precision and productivity features.

A Break In Moore's Law, But, Hey, Who's Counting?
by New York Times
Ever-faster computers are just in the nature of things. Yet recently, computer scientists have begun to fret that the end may be in sight.

Microsoft To Reward Its Technical Elite
by New York Times
To reward its brightest technologists, Microsoft is introducing a distinguished engineer program, initially honoring 16 of the company's best designers.

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