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Wednesday, July 5, 2000


Apple Channel Partners Merge Ahead Of Possible Float
by Fairfax I.T.

Apple Partners Look To New Core
by The Age
Apple Computer is forecasting a new, aggressive attack on the Australian personal computer market after yesterday's announcement that Apple's seven leading channel partners will merge.


The Self Congratulatory Mac User
Some of us Macintosh users may enjoy congratulating ourselves on the purchase of a computer from Apple. This attitude is certainly in Apple's interest, but, these days, is it always in ours?

The Unkindest Cut
by MacEdition
To Mac the Knife, the Knife Board, and all the historical information encapsulated within: We'll miss you.


InterView 2.0
by MacNN
While a FireWire-based Mac and a digital video camera coupled with iMovie represents an easier to use and a far superior solution, InterView 2.0 is perfect for owners of USB-based Macs not wishing to spend upwards of $2,000 or more to simply edit videos.

AOL 5.0 For The Mac: No High Fives
by BusinessWeek
Apparently, ease-of-use king AOL wants to ride the techno cutting edge. The result: Needless complications.

Z-Write 1.0
Z-Write gains simplicity by omitting features not absolutely necessary to creative writers.

USB Overdrive 1.3
Overall itís a very nice and useful program. I just wish that some PC mice came bundled with it. $20 seems like a lot to spend just to make your new mouse work on your Mac.


Wednesday, July 5, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Who Do You Admire Most?

Bill Gates, or Steve Jobs? That's, well, just one of the question in Men's Health's 100 Men Guys Admire Most. Vote for your man.

Remember — this is for entertainment value only.


Cameron Barrett: Instead of seeing [July 4th] as a day off, you see the holiday as an extra day in which to catch up on your work.


Intel Shelves 800-MHz Xeon Chip
Intel has canceled plans for high-end versions of its 800-MHz Xeon processor, saying computer makers didn't want the chip.

Microsoft May Compromise For EU Nod To Telewest Plans
by Bloomberg

Booming Seattle Tracks Microsoftís Tribulations
Whatever the outcome of the antitrust case, Microsoft can jolt the areaís commercial real-estate market just by shifting employees around.

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