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Tuesday, August 1, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Makes The 'Write' Move
by ZDNet
Think about the needs of many of the consumers and PC neophytes Steve Jobs' Apple has made it its mission to woo.

Apple's Ideas Win Five IDEA Awards
by MacCentral
Apple won a Gold Award (the highest) in the Business & Industrial Equipment category for its 22-inch, US$3,999 Cinema Display.

New Macs Enterthe Retail Channel
Not every model is available, but less than two weeks after Steve Jobs' dramatic hardware announcements at Macworld Expo New York, Apple's latest iMacs and Power Mac G4s are finding their way into retail channels and selling in healthy numbers.

X On X, At Last
A full X implementation is an important step for Mac OS X. It is a critical way to show the world—especially in areas where X is of crucial importance, such as higher education and science—that Apple has a real Unix-based OS that will play nicely with other Unix platforms, while losing none of what makes the Mac so special.


Where Your Enemy Is Also Your Friend
by Boston Globe
There's a notion in the technology industry called ''coopetition.'' It's a ruthlessly pragmatic approach to doing business, where companies can be ferocious competitors in one market and cheerful partners in another.

New Jobs Biography Expected Soon
by MacNN
"The key question becomes: How can he be so humiliating and horrible at times, yet so inspiring and motivating at others?"

No Play At Siggraph
The company said a long-awaited upgrade of the ElectricImage Animation System is not yet ready for beta. Further details are promised in the next 30 to 45 days.


Will The Real "Cube" Computer Please Step Forward
by Insanely Great Mac

Don't Kill That Keyboard, Apple!
by ZDNet
What a stupid mistake that would be.

Apple's Business Operations: It's A Beautiful Thing
by The Mac Observer
This is really something new under the sun. An Apple Computer Inc. operating as one of the tightest corporate ships on the Nasdaq!


Clan Lord
by MacAddict
As a network experience, Clan Lord is a dream. The interface is clear and simple.

MacSoft's Scrabble
by MacCentral
The game includes everything a die-hard Scrabble player could ever want and more.


Tuesday, August 1, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

One Button Wonder

Those who argue that Apple should get rid of its one-button mouse and move on to something, well, with a little more buttons, should come down to my house and watch how I try to teach my 4-year-old goddaughter to use the right button instead of the left on my "virtual" PC.


MS' Ballmer: Linux Is Communism
by The Register
"Linux sort of springs organically from the earth. And it had, you know, the characteristics of communism that people love so very, very much about it. That is, it's free."

Dell, IBM Plan PCs Based On New PIII
by TechWeb
Dell and IBM were the first PC vendors to announce plans for the latest Pentium III chip after Intel made good on its promise to deliver a 1.13-gigahertz component Monday.

Will Update Boost Windows 2000 Sales?
by ZDNet
Microsoft has released Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000. But is it enough to convince corporate computer users to sign up?

Microsoft Releases Windows 2000 Bug Fixes
Microsoft today released the first collection of Windows 2000 bug fixes, a move that could help spur adoption of the corporate operating system.

Compaq Bulks Up Server, Storage Lines
Compaq Computer unveiled new server and storage products today, as it tries to boost sagging storage revenue.

Bug Fixes Clear One Hurdle For Windows 2000
The effect of releasing the first collection of Windows 2000 bug fixes needs to be viewed from two perspectives: client and server.

Microsoft Political Donations Seen As Trial Ploy
by Bloomberg News
While hundreds of companies have donated to this week's Republican presidential convention, Microsoft may have the most at stake.

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