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Saturday, September 2, 2000

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The Making Of Terminator 2, The Ultimate DVD
by Apple
This dual sided DVD-18 is packed full of dazzling menus, chilling animations, and smashing graphics, much of which was developed on a PowerBook and rendered on a Power Mac. Rounding out the Mac contribution to this mega-release are video editing done on a Mac-based Avid system, and sound editing done on a Mac-based ProTools system.


Is Eudora Snooping On You?
by PC World
The popular mail client sends information to its servers when you're online. It may not identify you. But shouldn't you know about it?

Web Page Creation For The Rest Of Us
by BusinessWeek
Apple comes to the rescue for those who want to build and post a Web site — but don't know where to start.

Mac Cubes Selling To Mac Faithful
by ZDNe
Who's buying the Power Mac G4 Cube? Only Apple Computer Inc. knows for sure; however, interviews with a range of Mac dealers suggest that while sales have been brisk, Apple's striking new desktop model has made a bigger splash with current Mac users than PC converts.

Two Brains Take Hold: Several Applications Now Support Multiprocessing
by Macworld
Although you won't be able to unleash the full power of Apple's dual-processor G4 Macintosh systems until OS X arrives, more and more applications are being optimized to work with the multiprocessor (MP) machine.


What Can We Expect Of OS X Beta?
If you're unsure, wait until a couple days after the release. By then reviews will be plentiful and you'll have more concrete facts than the ones you mustered from this article. Other than that, cross your fingers and hope, alongside me, that Apple hasn't blown it again.

The G4 Cube: What The Old Man Does Is Always Right
by MacCreator
Perhaps sometimes, What the Old Man Does is Always Right. Much as it pains us.

OS Forking And Apple
Apple isn't stupid. They realize that forking is bad, just like Microsoft did.


Indie Browsers
The browser war may look like a two-horse race, but there are a few more ponies on the track.


Saturday, September 2, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Making the Macintosh: An online project documenting the history of the Macintosh computer. This project collects and publishes primary material on the Macintosh's development and early reception.

CNET: If you're using a Mac, choose iCab. We wish we could recommend it to PC users, too, but for once, they're been left out.


Microsoft Xbox Console Closer To Game Time
by San Jose Mercury News
Microsoft Corp. has settled on a name and a design for its Xbox video game console, and has lined up an impressive list of developer studios to create games for the system's launch late next year.

Life As A Microsoft Bottom Feeder
by ZDNet
As long as Gates and Ballmer are running the show — with a whole cadre of new up-and-comers waiting in the wings — you can bet the company's got a few more tricks up its sleeve aimed at achieving world domination.

Microsoft: The Next Quarter Century
by ZDNet
Twenty-five years gone and Bill G. and Steve B. remain at the helm. Meet four faces attempting to pilot the Redmond juggernaut into the next millennium.

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