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Tuesday, September 12, 2000

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US Tech Stock Focus: An Apple Today?
by Citywire
Apple has also given up illusions that it can convert the traditional PC user base back from the Compaqs, Dells, Gateways, IBMs and their laptop equivalents. Corporations now are almost entirely Microsoft-based across their service workers and their IT departments will give short shrift for the odd romantic eccentric who wants to use Apple on the road or at home. Apple is ploughing its own furrow in its niche-expanding markets and long may it do so.

Inside The Public Beta Of Mac OS X
by ZDNet
Sources who have gotten an early look at Apple Computer Inc.'s Mac OS X Public Beta tell ZDNet News that while the first end-user version of the new OS is more stable and feature-complete than its pre-release predecessors, it lacks many everyday features Mac users take for granted.

One Becomes Many: The Kittride School Story
by Academy Of User Groups
It actually started last January when the User Group Academy's special guest Steve Wozniak presented the UG Academy Grants for 2000. Steve and I presented a $5,000.00 educational grant to Daphne's computer club, MacValley. Daphne had authored a winning grant proposal to benefit two elementary schools in the Los Angeles Unified School District — one of four grants awarded during that event at San Francisco's 2000 Macworld Expo.


Expo Promises Beta Of OS X, Rumors Of New Laptops
Apple Computer chief executive Steve Jobs has promised to unveil the beta, or test, version of the long-awaited operating system Wednesday morning during a keynote address at Apple Expo 2000 in Paris. Jobs may also unveil new laptops, but Macintosh fans not in range of the Eiffel Tower will have to be creative if they want to find out what Jobs is saying.

Sour Apples For Napster-Like Start-Up
The Napster co-founder's second file-swapping start-up, AppleSoup, today said it will change its name to "Flycode" following a complaint from Apple Computer.

Protest Team: Apple Expo Keynote Protest Called Off
by MacCentral
Today's email from Will Woodhouse, who says he is a representative of the potential protesters, says the planned event has been cancelled following discussions with Apple's PR department in the U.K.

Bare Bones Announces BBEdit 6.0
Version 6 of the HTML and text editor can handle multi-byte fonts and XHTML markup. The upgrade also beefs up AppleScript support and can be extended to new markup languages.

Eudora Upgrade Gets Flame Retardant
Qualcomm on Monday announced a new version of its Eudora e-mail client that adds a MoodWatch feature designed to warn users of incoming or outgoing "flame" mail, along with a peer-to-peer file-swapping function and e-mail usage statistics.


Testing Apple's French Connection
by ZDNet
Will this week's Apple Expo in Paris be a successful Mac show in Europe? There's no doubt in my mind that it will be. Will this week's Apple Expo in Paris be a successful European Mac show? Magic Eight Ball says, "Don't count on it."


Mac OS In A Nutshell
by Low End Mac
Nonetheless, "Mac OS In A Nutshell" is my current reference book of choice. I recommend it to you if you already have a solid Mac background and just need a gentle reminder of the details.


Tuesday, September 12, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Apple send cease-and-desist letter to the company AppleSoup.. Rumor alert: Apple is going into the soup business too!


The Ever (So Slowly) Changing Office
by eWEEK
At this time, Microsoft looks like it's using Office as a strategic weapon. Office is no longer a desktop suite but a point of entry into the lucrative world of infrastructure.

IBM Lightens Load With New ThinkPads

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