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Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Top Stories

Remembrance Of QuickTime Past
by WebTools
With rumors circulating that QuickTime 5's release is somewhere on the horizon (quite possibly at the QuickTime Live! conference in October), I thought it would be appropriate to look at the present state of version 4+ and what's to come.

Mac OS X: The Full Story
by Macworld
Here's a complete overview of Apple's new operating system, from Aqua to pre-emptive multitasking.


Apple Beefs Up iBook With DVD, More Storage
Apple Computer today added brawn to its colorful line of iBook notebooks by beefing up storage and adding DVD.

Jobs Announces New iBook, OS X Beta
Speaking to an enthusiastic overflow crowd at Apple Expo here, Apple Computer CEO Steve Jobs announced new models of the iBook and the public beta release of Mac OS X. He also revealed that ATI's Radeon graphics card will be an option for the Power Mac G4 and G4 Cube.

Apple Set To Unveil Beta Version Of Much-Delayed OS X
by San Jose Mercury News
Even as the company reaches this milestone, some companies developing software for the new platform say they and Apple have a lot of work ahead of them.

X Marks The Spot
Biggest Apple release in over a decade and a half.

Icons Of Mac OS X
Application icons—those small bit-maps that you click on to launch a Mac program—are due for big changes in Mac OS X, but Apple is having trouble getting some developers to buy into its vision of depicting programs as scalable, photorealistic images measuring up to 128 by 128 pixels.


Our Man In Paris - Part One: We're Doomed
by Macworld
Why is Apple going to Paris? Apart from the food, I mean? If it's just to hand out beta CDs and show folks for the umpteenth time that you can crash an application without it affecting the Mission: Impossible 2 trailer used in every OS X demo...well, you can do that just as easily from Paris, Texas, as you can from Paris, France.

We Have A Long Way To Go
"I didn't even know they made them anymore."

No More Speed To Give
by Low End Mac
It's time for Apple to start brandishing the big stick. OS X can work on Intel, AMD, and Transmeta. Why wait for Motorola, which doesn't seem to be too interested in staying ahead of the pack?

The Megahertz Can Of Worms
by The Mac Observer
Argument after argument, pundits and armchair experts will trade until they run out of gas and everybody realizes that Apple has a tricky situation on its hands.


PC At Work, iMac At Home? Virtual PC Bridges The Gap!
Connectix offers a product line which takes advantage of the adaptability of the Mac operating system, giving iUsers very nearly 2 computers in one.

Diablo II
by MacAddict
Quibbles aside, Diablo II is a brilliant game. Unless you've decided Unreal Tournament is the first, last, and only game you'll ever play, you should get your hands on this one.

Best Mac For A Kid
by Low End Mac
Not every kid will always fall in to one category for which Mac to get. But this will help you get started. At least it's better than going to a computer store where they might push one of those "other" computers.


Wednesday, September 13, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Expo Live

The show is starting late — probably due to the unexpected flood. Apparently, Steve Jobs' keynote is also late.

And we thought we had the protests covered.


Philip Michaels: I'm also going to predict that Jobs unveils plans for the long-rumored Apple-branded Palm device. I have nothing in the way of facts or confirmation to support this claim; I just make it before every big Steve Jobs speech under the theory that one day it will come true, and I'll look prescient. And then the masses will worship me as their god.

Dave Winer: We need more radicals if we're going to do more thinking.

Old News

3 Years Ago - Amelio: Jobs A Cheerleader, Not Manager: If you had randomly tuned in to this morning's two-hour live interview with Gil Amelio, you might have thought that the ousted CEO of Apple Computer (AAPL) was still running the company.


Yet Another Problem With Windows 2000
by osOpinion
"Everyone agrees that converting over to 2000 is a massive project. If organizations realize that, only a few years later, they will be asked to undergo yet another huge, expensive conversion effort, they may well decide to switch."

Microsoft Hawks .Net
by IDG News Service
Ballmer says online effort will permeate software's future, eventually.

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