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Friday, September 15, 2000

Top Stories

Plastic Classic?
by Forbes
A tissue holder can maintain an elegant aloofness. The Cube has to accommodate ugly cables unseen in Apple's ads.

Ad Agency Threatens Mac Media
by ZDNet
Apple Computer Inc.'s advertising agency is offering Mac publications a choice: Get out of the rumors business or lose Apple's business.


NC School System Abandoning The Mac?
by MacCentral
According to a former employee, Guilford County School system in Greensboro, NC, will no longer be purchasing Macs, though the school is very Mac-centric.

Apple Expo Maintains Momentum
by Pfeiffer Report
Apple Computer Inc. may have launched most of its Apple Expo 2000 pyrotechnics during CEO Steve Jobs' keynote speech Wednesday, but interest in the Mac show hasn't flagged yet. Big crowds continued to fill the Porte de Versailles convention center here as the show entered its second day Thursday, with long lines outside the show in the morning, crowded aisles and a continuing lack of air conditioning.

Office 2001 For The Mac Wins A Ship Date
by TechWeb
The day after Apple Computer Inc. rolled out the first public beta of the long-awaited Mac OS X, Microsoft Corp. disclosed shipping, pricing, and system requirements for Microsoft Office 2001 Macintosh Edition.

An Inside Look At Mac's OS X
by CNN
The real magic, as Steve Jobs demonstrated for us, is that the computer can have nearly all of these programs open at the same time without fear of crashing.


Apple's Strong-Arm Gambit: It's All About Control
by ZDNet
Just when the American presidential race threatens to bore the body politic to death, Apple Computer Inc. has rescued the day by inserting itself into the lead of yet another juicy soap opera.


by themestream
The problem with this "revision" is that it hasn't solved the most fundamental design / feature problems of the iBook. This "revision" did fix many minor complaints. But, very much like the Apple hockey puck mouse and the Apple USB keyboard, I believe that the iBook has a fundamental design inconvenience that can only be addressed with a drastic product remodeling.

Microsoft Office 2001 Macintosh Edition
It's not perfect—2001 hogs memory and disk space—but all in all, when it hits the market on October 11, Office 2001 will be a must-buy upgrade for anyone already using Office and the perfect substitute for those fed up with the weaker AppleWorks.

New iBook Vs PowerBook: The Real Deal
by The Macjunkie
Certainly the PowerBook is at a slight advantage in some areas, but I'm ready to defend the iBook SE's overall price/product superiority.


Friday, September 15, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

High End Delight

Larry Wall: People understand instinctively that the best way for computer programs to communicate with each other is for each of them to be strict in what they emit, and liberal in what they accept. The odd thing is that people themselves are not willing to be strict in how they speak and liberal in how they listen. You'd think that would also be obvious.

Low End Delight

Guess what? Mac OS X works on '040 Mac! (Okay, so the installation takes 16 hours...)

By the way, thanks, Dan, for the link.


Faster Notebooks Target Bigger Spenders
by ZDNet
Intel chases high-end users with its new mobile Penitum IIIs, the fastest chips ever for notebook PCs. And the retail 'sweet spot' is on the rise.

MS Windows Licenses Shrink To Barcodes - Unique IDs Here We Come?
by The Register

Drivers For (Windows) Me?
by PCWorld
Microsoft's newly released Windows Millennium doesn't seem to share Windows 2000's compatibility challenge.

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