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Thursday, September 21, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Agency: No Pressure Applied
by ZDNet
Apple Computer Inc.'s longtime advertising agency said its recent inquiries about Mac publications' use of rumors were strictly routine and not directed by Apple.


Inside OS X: New Menus
Mac OS X may introduce substantial changes to the Mac OS, but the Desktop menus for the most part follow the same structure as in the current Finder. The exceptions are the new Application, Go and Window menus. In this, the first of an ongoing series about new features in Mac OS X, we'll take an in-depth look at these additions, as well as other changes to the Desktop menus.


Mac OS X: Win Some, Lose Some
by ZDNet
I'm perplexed how none of Aqua's interaction designers appear to have learned the lesson of the Mac's ZoomRect eliminators. Various utilities were released over the years to eliminate purely ornamental animations in the existing Finder to speed things up. Why does Apple insist on repeating these same mistakes over and over?


Jukebox A Breakthrough For MP3 Music Collectors
by Knight Ridder Newspapers
Get ready for the next chapter in digital music.


Thursday, September 21, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Pet Peeve - The Sequel

Common quote: Why should I pay Apple to beta-test the OS?

My response: One, nobody is forcing it down your throat. Two, do you really think you know how to beta test and provide feedback constructively?


Windows Me Sells 250,000 Copies
by Reuters
Microsoft Corp.'s new Windows operating system sold a quarter million copies in its first four days of release and could breathe new life into consumer software sales as the holidays approach, market research firm PC Data said on Wednesday.

Bill's Still Richer Than Larry
by Wired News
Microsoft's Bill Gates is still the richest man in America, but self-proclaimed nemesis Larry Ellison of Oracle is catching up. Meanwhile, a bunch of new tech billionaires join the Forbes 400 list of wealthy Americans.

Microsoft To Beef Up Small-Business Service
Microsoft today introduced "Business Web Services," a collection of hosted Web tools, email, e-commerce and marketing applications that will be available on the software giant's bCentral small-business service.

Color Counts, But Ergonomics Matter More
As processing speed and power become less important variables for PCs, computer makers can no longer differentiate themselves solely on the basis of delivering the latest chip the fastest. Dell Computer's unveiling today of the redesign of its desktop PCs is the latest indication of this trend.

Intel Warns Revenue Won't Meet Expectations
ntel today warned that third-quarter revenue will be below expectations, primarily because of weaker demand in Europe.

Dell To Show Off Laptops With Wireless Networking
Dell Computer today plans to up the ante in wireless with new notebooks outfitted with antennas for connecting to computer networks and the Internet.

Dell Boots Beige With New Desktop PC Design
Dell Computer is giving industrial design another shot.

Windows Me Isn't MS' Shining Hour
by ZDNet
Like so many other suckers, I purchased Windows Millennium Edition last week and spent the weekend installing it. I can save you reading the rest of this column by offering a single word of advice: Don't. If that sounds severe, then I will offer a question to ask yourself: Why? As in, "Why waste your money?"

Dell Launching Web Mail
by Associated Press
Dell Computer Corp. on Wednesday plan to launch an online marketplace for businesses, where Dell and other companies will sell their products via the Internet.

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