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Monday, September 25, 2000


Inside Mac OS X: The Directories
One of the biggest changes in Mac OS X is its Unix-derived directory structure. In the current Mac OS, unless you're in the System Folder, you can set up folders and sub-folders pretty much as you see fit. Mac OS X, in contrast, depends on a directory structure that separates system-wide resources from those that apply to individual users.

Niche Status For FireWire?
"FireWire might become more popular as users understand that the computer is not always needed, but right now most people do not see peripherals working without the computer."


Migrating Out Of Classic And Into Mac OS X
Hopefully the dream of shedding Classic no longer seems as unreasonable and you can move into the future with Mac OS X.


Monday, September 25, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


David Kelley, founder of IDEO: Most people think aesthetics are driving Apple's success. That's a piece of it. But there's a lot of innovation in those products. Apple is not just about aesthetics; they have innovated in materials and circuits. Everything there is done to the hilt.

Old News

3 Years Ago - Apple Shows Off Rhapsody OS: Apple gave one of the first public demonstrations of the developer release of Rhapsody, the company's next generation operating system, in an effort to woo programmers, but questions remain about where Rhapsody will be used.


Microsoft Works To Drum Up Interest In Windows CE
Microsoft today will announce new initiatives designed to spur interest in its stripped-down operating systems for non-PC devices.

Intel Ships A Trio Of Mobile Processors
Intel today is releasing new mobile processors, even as it reels from a third-quarter profit warning issued last week.

Fujitsu To Release Transmeta Notebooks In November
Fujitsu will release two notebooks containing Crusoe processors from Transmeta in November, the company will announce tomorrow, bringing the total number of companies coming out with Transmeta-based products to seven.

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