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Saturday, September 30, 2000

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Apple Now A Delicious Buy?
by Wired News
While some analysts scrambled to issue doom-and-gloom pronouncements, Apple boosters say that the expected January release of the Macintosh operating system, OS X, will bail out Apple's suddenly, seemingly sinking ship.

Apple's Trouble Comes From Within And Without
by Gartner Viewpoint
Much of Apple's success depends heavily on its ability to innovate. The forthcoming release of Mac OS X should help to restart its sales cycle; however, to succeed, Apple must continually innovate and give people a reason to upgrade.

Inside Apple's Warning Lurk More Serious Problems
Although Apple has gained market share in the past two years, the company still sells a substantial number of systems to its existing customer base looking for a technology refresh. Because existing customers buy new products at a slower rate than companies churn them out, some analysts say, a slowdown was inevitable.

Apple Becomes Eighth Most-Traded Stock In U.S. History
by Bloomberg News
Apple Computer posted the eighth-busiest day in history for a U.S. stock after the company said fiscal fourth-quarter profit will disappoint investors.

Apple Shares Still Down At Friday's Close
With Apple shares closing at $25.75, the company's market valuation is now half of what it was 24 hours earlier. The plunge fueled a general decline in tech stocks. Several analysts downgraded Apple from 'Buy' to 'Neutral'.


Soft Demand For Cube Bruises Apple
by Upside
"It's not time to write off this product. Maybe Apple just depended too heavily on the Cube in its revenue projections. Maybe they shot too high."

Is Apple Rotten?
This year's earnings shortfall looks far worse than last year's.

Is The Turnaround Over At Apple Computer?
by Reuters
"We are casting our vote that this problem is unique to Apple."

Hard Times Here Again For Tech
by Wired News
Apple is not the only tech market that's hurting this week. Investors are shying away from PC shares as well. With all the bad fortune, is there any good news? Yup: The quarter is over.

More Signs That Apple May Open Stores
Gateway spokesman John Spelich said today that Apple has been looking to hire workers from Gateway's Country Store operation.

Markets Bruised After Hectic Week Of Warnings
The U.S markets received a major drubbing after an Apple Computer warning rekindled investor fears over lower corporate profits for the upcoming earnings season.


Blame The Cube?
by Low End Mac
Apple stock tanked for one reason: investors panicked.

Apple Warns; Blames Soft Edu; Overall Sales And Disappointing Cube Sales
by MacEdition
The simplest answer is likely the most accurate: for the price, Apple's recent product revisions either were not compelling or not available.

Backseat Driver: The Sky's Not Falling
by MacCentral
Now I'm not happy about the news. And I hope it will serve as a wakeup call to Apple, which has perhaps gotten a little overconfident in some ways — But let's be realistic about the situation.

Is Apple's Fairy Tale Over?
by ZD Interactive Investor
Are Apple's September problems an indicator of overall PC demand, or are consumers growing weary of Apple?


Saturday, September 30, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong


Not enough sales? Well, can we expect the final release of Mac OS X to continue to have steep hardware requirements, so as to spur another round of purchases from the installed base?


I've installed Mac OS X Public Beta this morning on my bondi-blue iMac. (With only 64 MB of RAM.) And that's one reason you don't see any updates here on AppleSurf this entire morning: too busy playing.


Pentium 4 Delay Will Have Little Impact On Marketplace
by Meta Group
The short delay now expected in the introduction of Intel's Pentium 4 processor may cost the company some December sales but is unlikely to have any strong effect in either the consumer or corporate PC markets.

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