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Monday, October 30, 2000

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Macs In Paradise
Hawaii is a Mac-friendly environment. Hawaiian Mac users are just as virulent in their platform choice as those on the mainland. And their newfound Linux compatriots are warming to the upcoming OS X. That's what I discovered at Oceanic Cable Computer Expo 2000, an exotic mix of aloha smiles and tech-weenie talk held here last week.


Cheryl Vedoe Joins Apple As Vice President Of Education Marketing And Solutions
by Apple
"The education market is a top priority for Apple, and we intend to regain market share beginning in 2001."

Apple: Has The Magic Gone?
by Stuff
After chief executive officer Steve Jobs warned that the company will miss analyst sales and earnings estimates in the fourth quarter, Apple Computer's stock lost half its value as investors believed there was no good news on the horizon.

FileMaker Seeks Affiliates
Web sites can earn a 5 percent referral fee by sending customers to the FileMaker online store. The service is managed through the LinkShare Network.

Sonnet Announces Upgrades For Power Mac 7200


Jobs Blows Off The Next Three Months!

Apple Explained Part III: Discounting The Fears
by The Mac Observer
Apple has a lot of work to do, but every problem the company faces has a silver lining.

The Age Of Everyman Tech: Bill Cosby Lied. Classic Was Better
by osOpinion
"While I do enjoy computing, I don't believe that a person must know an OS inside and out to use it. A computer to me is just a tool. I don't use it to stroke my ego. I turn it on and off. I'm not interested in the source code. I'm not interested in CLI. I am interested in whether OSX behaves like a Mac, not a UNIX box, and certainly not NeXTOS ... a rejected OS."


Risk II
by MacNN
MacSoft's Risk II comes far closer to mirroring the classic board game than any previous Risk title, and in many ways it also enhances the true Risk experience.


Monday, October 30, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

iRights: If a human being can't be trained in how to censor in such a way to make two people happy, how do we expect computer software to ever even come close?

Old News

2 Years Ago - Apple Tells Of Microsoft Threats : Microsoft attempted to "sabotage" a popular multimedia program by causing misleading error messages to appear when it ran on Windows-based machines, a senior executive from Apple Computer has charged.


Does Microsoft Have Egg On Its Face?

Possible News Corp Deal Could Boost Microsoft TV
by Reuters
Such an investment could give Microsoft another customer to deploy its software for interactive television, which the company has fingered as a key area it hopes to dominate in as computing moves beyond its traditional stronghold on the desktop, analysts said.

Microsoft Objects To AOL Brief In Antitrust Appeal
by Bloomberg News
Microsoft on Monday opposed America Online's request to file a brief with an appeals court in support of a judge's order to split the world's largest software company.

What Did Bill Say?
by eWEEK
The Top 10 things Bill Gates said when he found out Microsoft had been hacked.

Order Up MS Apps At Internet Cafe
by Wall Street Journal
Microsoft will rent software to consumers on a per-use basis for the first time next month through the easyEverything chain.

MS Blocks Staff Dial-In Access After 'Minor' Hack
by The Register
The only reasons for shutting down access must surely be that Microsoft has belatedly concluded that there are - as we suggested yesterday - serious problems with the way it runs its network security.

MS Claims Hacker Was Watched
by Wall Street Journal
A senior official of Microsoft Corp., which is eager to reassure consumers and business partners after an embarrassing electronic break-in at its headquarters, said the company detected the trespass from its earliest moments and surreptitiously monitored the hacker's activities for the duration of the attack.

Unhooking MS Browser, Again
by Wired News
The latest version of 98Lite modifies Windows Registry to unhook Internet Explorer from Explorer, speeding up the operating system in the process.

Redmond Strives To Cram Great MS Hack Back In Box
by The Register

Acer Cuts Sales Forecast Amid PC Sales Slowdown
by Associated Press

Gateway Puts Fashion First With All-In-One PC
The San Diego, Calif.-based company on Monday unveiled the Profile 3, an all-in-one desktop computer with a built-in flat-panel LCD monitor and a Pentium III processor. But, while aesthetically elegant, Gateway faces an uphill battle. At $1,999, the Profile 3 certainly isn't cheap compared with computers of its class.

AMD Switches To Faster Memory
Advanced Micro Devices on Monday released a chipset that allows computer makers to adopt faster memory for PCs and sets the stage for a performance showdown with Intel.

Micron Passes Over Pentium 4 For Athlon
by TechWeb
The decision to select the Athlon tips Micron, Nampa, Idaho. more firmly into the AMD camp, but doesn't rule out the possibility of a Pentium 4-based machine in the future. Other PC vendors are expected to hedge their bets with both Pentium 4- and Athlon-based machines.

Microsoft Mulls Stake In News Corp. Unit
by Reuters
Microsoft and News Corp. are in discussions that may result in the software giant investing more than $1 billion in the media company's Sky Global Networks unit, according to a report.

AMD Releases AMD-760 Chip Set
by InfoWorld

Microsoft Monitored Hacker
by Associated Press
Microsoft Corp. said Sunday that a hacker had high-level access to its computer system for 12 days - not up to five weeks, as the company had first reported - and that the company monitored the every move the trespasser made for the duration of his visit.

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