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Thursday, November 2, 2000

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System Administration - Anytime, Anywhere
by Apple
I can go anywhere in the lab, or just about anywhere in the building and still control any workstation or server in the lab from my iBook.

Apple Gilds The Lily
by Salon
The geeks who'd love the BSD microkernel, command-line power and such have no need for Aqua's pretty colors. Conversely, the beginning users most likely to be lured by shiny new objects could care less about protected memory and the like.


Macromedia: "We Share The Vision"
Macromedia and Adobe Systems may be bitter rivals for the hearts and wallets of Web designers, but Macromedia CEO Rob Burgess told MacWEEK that he supports Adobe's vision of Network Publishing, a set of new and emerging technologies that enable "visually rich, personalized content, available anytime, anywhere, on any device."

So Long, Computer Cable?
by BusinessWeek
The bigger news for late 2000 and early 2001 is that virtually all notebook manufacturers will follow Apple's lead by making their products wireless-ready.


Programs That Make Your Skin Crawl
by Reuters
Too many software developers think they own your computer.


Excel 2001: Fewer Headaches But Still A Pain
by BusinessWeek
Microsoft has made its mammoth number-cruncher a bit less daunting. The learning curve (and price) remains pretty steep, though.


Thursday, November 2, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Monopoly - the .dot com edition.

Pop Up Idiots

The whole idea of advertisement, I believe, is to hide it between real content so that consumers cannot help but notice them. Which makes me wonder what's the point of having pop-up advertisements anymore on the web?

See a window popping-up? Quick — head for Cmd-W. (Or ALT-F4. Hey, it's your choice.)


MS 'Whistler' Looks Solid
by eWEEK
With its next-generation Windows client, code-named Whistler, Microsoft Corp. finally pulls the trigger on the long-awaited unification of the consumer and corporate Windows code bases. In the process, Microsoft has produced an operating system that benefits from the stability and security of Windows 2000 and includes several handy usability enhancements.

Compaq's iPaq Goes Wireless For Work
Compaq wants to put the iPaq H3650 to work at companies across the globe. To do so, the Houston-based PC maker is beginning to aggressively bundle wireless connectivity with a wide range of business-specific products and services for the device, which uses Microsoft's Pocket PC operating system.

Microsoft: Developers' Friend Or Foe?
by InformationWeek
Development shops can profit enormously by creating software for the world's most popular PC platform, but Microsoft's tendency to follow its independent software vendors into new markets also puts their products at risk. Yet Microsoft, without a large direct-sales force or full-fledged consulting group, leans heavily on its independent software vendor and reseller channel to get its products in front of customers.

Intel: Pentium 4 Will Pass Pentium III In Early 2002
by TechWeb
Sales of Intel's Pentium 4 microprocessor will ramp up faster previously forecast, with the new chip overtaking the mainstream Pentium III in early 2002, company officials said in a webcast Wednesday.

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