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Tuesday, November 7, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Bruised But Still Has Juice
Slowing sales have killed the stock. But a rebound may be in the offing.

Goodbye Apple And American Power Conversion
With all the question marks from their recent earnings announcements and valuations that, while good, leave more room to fall should the companies continue to disappoint, I believe there are a few investments that represent better bets. That's not to say that I think Apple and APC will do badly or that I recommend anyone else sell — in fact, should their stocks fall significantly, I might buy them back.


Looking For Meaning In All The Wrong Places
by The Industry Standard
When the leaders of the new economy say they're not in it for the money, that's not just bad for business. It's bad for everyone.

Apple Starts 'dollar A Meg' Offer On BTO Products
by MacCentral
With memory prices at all time lows, Apple has begun a new promotional campaign for online build-to-order (BTO) and educational customers offering a one dollar rebate for every megabyte of memory added to BTO orders.


The Joy Of X: Mac's Hot New OS Boasts Brains And Style To Spare
by PCWorld
If Apple doesn't convince the developers to join up, we can only hope that Microsoft's designers take note of OS X's style innovations.

Adobe GoLive 5
by Macworld
Whether you'll find it to be a worthwhile upgrade depends on your extensibility requirements and your tolerance for its lack of standards compliance.

Epson Stylus Color 880
by Associated Press
It produces excellent output at a fair price, and is well worth considering.


Tuesday, November 7, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Steve Jobs - The man who didn't invent windows backs the man who didn't invent the Internet.


Compaq's Transmeta Diss: No Big Deal?
by ZDNet
Compaq deals the chip startup another blow, choosing low-power Pentium IIIs over Transmeta's Crusoe, but an analyst says these maneuverings are being overblown.

Enterprise Still Slow To Adopt Windows 2000
by InternetWeek
Nine months after Microsoft Corp. released the operating system, only one-fifth of the 100 IT managers surveyed by InternetWeek use it as an e-business platform.

Itanium Set For March Launch
by The Register
Loose tongues on the Intel booth hint broadly that the famously-elastic official launch date for Itanic has now been firmly nailed down for March 2001.

Microsoft Betting On The Tablet PC
by ZDNet
The PC may not be dead yet, but Microsoft Corp. isn't wasting any time in developing a potential successor: Tablet PC.

Microsoft's Walk In The Clouds
by Wired News
Microsoft unveiled their first major step into the brave new world of "computing in the cloud" as Bill Gates has labeled it, announcing the launch of Phase One of their E-Business Acceleration Initiative (EBAI) today.

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