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Saturday, November 11, 2000


Account Exec: Apple Still Number One In Education
by MacCentral
Apple did lose its way and is not without mistakes, but "we will dominate education again in this decade."

OS Upstarts Challenge Apple In Germany
by ZDNet
While SuSE touted the strengths of the latest PowerPC version of its Linux distribution, Be talked up the wisdom of its own switch to a business model based on Web appliances and Intel hardware.


The Mac Is The Smartest OS? Not For Everyone
by The Mac Observer
The way to bring more Windows users across is by development of the Mac OS in a manner that supports multiple intelligence theory.


New IBM Computer Monitors Have High Resolution, High Price
by San Francisco Chronicle
IBM will announce shipment of a new generation of computer monitors today that it says produce images 25 times crisper than current displays and 4.5 times sharper than top-of-the-line high-definition television screens. There's just one catch: They cost $20,000 apiece.

Apple Cinema Display
The Apple Cinema Display has a stellar picture and an equally astronomical price. If you have the cash and a new Mac to connect it to, you'll own a first-class system with an awesome display. The rest of us can dream about it.

Mac Office 2001 Upgrade Ties Everything Together
by Houston Chronicle
Unlike some previous MS Office upgrades, there are plenty of reasons to get this version and, other than the expense, no major reasons not to.

MacNN Games
by Apple iReview
Players looking for more than up-to-the-minute news, however, won’t find MacNN Games a substitute for other Mac gaming sites. Downloads of game demos are here, though they’re neither plentiful.


Saturday, November 11, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Mark Hurst: New wireless devices in Japan have the iMac look to them. Which isn't a bad thing — just very prevalent. I wonder if the device industry is in a design phase much like car makers in the 60s, who went a little nuts with the fins for a few years. Will we decide in five years to stop making every device look Jetsons-cute?


Microsoft, HP Play Politics
by InfoWorld
Opting to fight archrival Sun Microsystems in the Java arena the old-fashioned way — with technology rather than through the courts — Microsoft is working to ink a broad alliance with Hewlett-Packard that could join the companies' application development strategies at the hip.

Es Su Casa Microsoft's Casa?
by ZDNet
Gateway and AOL have a plan for wiring your living room. But Microsoft has a plan, too, and it uses many of the same technologies and standards.

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