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Wednesday, November 15, 2000

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Mac OS X: An OS For Larry?
by ZDNet
Who is Apple Computer Inc. building its next operating system for — its customers or Oracle Corp. CEO Larry Ellison's? Let me put it another way: Isn't it strange a company that long ago lost its enterprise customers is building an enterprise operating system?

Will USB Or FireWire Connect With Consumers?
Whatever it's ultimately called, a drama is unfolding around high-speed standards for connecting computing devices, with an Intel-led coalition on one side and Apple Computer on the other.


Is Netscape Still A Contender?
by ZDNet
Despite the software's formidable pedigree as the first multiplatinum Internet browser — and notwithstanding some political partisans' continued reluctance to concede the title to the tender mercies of Microsoft Corp. and Internet Explorer 5.5 — many posters to ZDNet News' TalkBack threads are less than optimistic about the prospects for Netscape's latest candidate.

Apple Makes Up For Lost Time In Argentina
by ZDNet
Apple Computer Inc. is moving to hone its competitive edge in South America with a new subsidiary based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Micro Center, CompUSA Give Cash Incentives To Sell Macs
by MacCentral
Both retailers are offering the incentive — or what is known in the industry as a 'spiff' — in an effort to move more product during the holiday buying season.


The Age Of Everyman Tech: Geeks, User Interface And Majority Rule
by osOpinion
"How can I trust Apple to take my concerns seriously about their "baby," when they don't even have enough respect for the end-user to include a decent input device, even NOW. The mouse is great, the keyboard is bad."


A Word Challenger WIth Some Classy Tricks
by BusinessWeek
Nisus' latest word processor gives Mac users most of what they would get from Microsoft's program plus some neat features all its own.

The Top Ten Macs
by Low End Mac


Wednesday, November 15, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

TechTV asks: What's the best video-editing platform? Windows, Mac or Amiga?

Is Apple spying on us? Mac OS Rumors has more readers reports on

jjg on the report that the race in New Mexico might have to decided on a hand of poker: Gore's camp would be lobbying hard for chess, while Bush would insist upon Yahtzee.

The Problem With Netscape

I haven't download Netscape 6, but I know I'll probably like Gecko, but hate the rest.

Does anyone know if I can download Gecko as a library and code my own browser around it?


Microsoft Displays Networked Home
Microsoft Corp. Wednesday unveiled the Microsoft Home in New York, a loft in the Tribeca neighborhood outfitted with a complete home network, designed to showcase the company's current technology as well as offer a sneak peak at some of the technologies on their way over the next year.

Chipzilla, HP Target Apple's Cube
by The Register
HP and Intel stress that Deep Forest is "a technology demonstration and not a product for sale". And why not? Presumably because, like Apple's own advanced PC design, which is on sale, no one's going to buy it. Ahem.

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