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Thursday, November 16, 2000

Top Stories

Macworld Announces Eddy Nominees
Macworld magazine has announced the nominees for its sixteenth annual Macworld Editors' Choice Awards. Winners will be announced at a ceremony to be held Monday January 8, 2001 in conjunction with Macworld Expo in San Francisco.

CDW-G Adds Apple To Its Cart
by Federal Computer Week
Government technology users who prefer Apple Computer Inc. products now have another way to procure those machines.


Orange Micro Touts USB 2.0 At Comdex
What's a longtime Mac developer like Orange Micro doing at PC show like Fall Comdex? The company is here displaying its new USB 2.0 products, and appears likely to be the first to ship USB 2.0 controller cards for both Macs and PCs.

Linux Cube Reveals A New Box Of Tricks
by Fairfax IT
Apple Computers was first with the concept. Now, it seems, everyone wants to get into cubism.


Gauging The Gigaflops Gap
Motorola has good reason to be proud of the G4, but there is seldom little time to sit upon one's laurels in the CPU business.


Netscape 6
by MacAddict
The interface itself is less Mac-like than ever.


Thursday, November 16, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Your IE5 keeps crashing? For this and other FAQs, check out the Unofficial MacIE FAQ.

Either someone have a great sense of creativity, or too much time on his hands. You decide.


Pentium 4 Debut: Only 1 CPU?
by eWEEK
Intel's promotion of the chip as a single-CPU workstation stands in contrast to previous promotions of dual-chip systems as the workstation ideal.

Microsoft Talks Up Bluetooth
by InfoWorld
Though the promise of the wireless technology has yet to pan out with actual products available on the market, Microsoft is confident in its decision to put its considerable weight behind the wireless technology.

IBM: Intel Ignored Mobile Market
by eWEEK
Big Blue says Intel was so focused on speed it forgot to consider the power ramifications. Until Transmeta's Crusoe came along, that is.

Is Tech-Savvy Virus Dangerious Or Not?
by ZDNet
An anti-virus firm warns of advanced Hybris. Other experts say it's software's equivalent of an overweight platypus.

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