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Wednesday, November 22, 2000

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Mac OS X: All Sizzle, Little Steak
by ZDNet
I can't help but feel that Darwin is getting the short end of the stick from all sides. Everyone is so captivated by Aqua et al that the open source project that could really use some more energy is being starved of it.

Apple Marketing Executive Resigns
Steve Wilhite came to Apple in 1999 after a nine-year stint as marketing chief at Volkswagen of America, where he was credited with helping to revive the carmaker's fortunes.


Mac OS X In The Network
If you are discussing NetInfo, Mac OS X's native network-management scheme, the answer is, "almost perfectly."

Chicago To Host Fourth Apple Retail Outlet
by The Register
The addition of the Chicago store suggests that what originally appeared to be a small, local trial run may indeed be the basis for a nationwide roll-out.

Apple In The Windy City?
The store would be in a location formerly occupied by The Gap. It may be only a coincidence, but Gap CEO Millard Drexler sits on Apple's board of directors.

Apple Near Lease For Mag Mile Store
by Crain's Chicago Business
Apple Computer Inc. is close to leasing the storefront at Michigan Avenue and Huron Street that Gap Inc. vacated when it moved to a new flagship store on the retail strip last week.


Apple's Stock Price: Bottom Of THe Class Or Ahead Of Its Time?
by MacEdition
In the current environment, that’s no guarantee it will recover. But it makes clear that Apple has been punished for its recent soft profitability, and punished by more than some others in a similar situation.

Leveraging Apple Design
by Low End Mac
People will be creating knockoffs of their hardware products, so why not capitalize on this by charging licensing fees to the would-be copycats?

A Computer As A Fashion Statement, Part II
by osOpinion
The Cube will probably go down in history as a breakthrough product. Its claim to fame is that it is the first luxury desktop computer to become widely available. This is particularly significant because it might be yet another sign of an emerging trend.


Netscae 6.0 For The Mac: Crash Prone, But Promising
by BusinessWeek
Too bad the venerable browser's all-new version is so unstable, because it does outdo Internet Explorer in several areas.

Test Driving Apple's Mac OS X
by Associated Press
Long-time users may complain of a learning curve, given how much OS X differs from its predecessors. But the stability, speed and visual stunningness of the new system far outweigh the familiarity of the old.


Wednesday, November 22, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Robin Raskin tells us that you won't find as many software and peripherals for the Mac than for the PC. And they cost more. You only choose Mac if "you want to make a design statement, focus on video or digital picture editing."

Glenn Lortscher: Intel's top 10 sneakiest moves and screwups. Oh well. Make that 11.

So, does anyone has a backyard to store this giant iMac?


Microsoft Honours Linux Programmer WIth Patent Gong
by The Register
"It's a kind of a badge of honour. And anyway, I've got a much too perverse a sense of humour to give aything like this back!"

News Sites Panic Over P4 Glitch
by The Register
The Register can reveal that these claims are nothing but ill-researched sensationalism.

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