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Wednesday, November 29, 2000

Top Stories

Apple Inside
by Forbes
The only folks who might be less enthused would be the people at Apple, whose Web site includes a three-page testimonial from the performers about their use of Macintosh computers in their high-tech stage show.


Flying High
by Apple
Tim Meehan’s passion is chronicling events and telling people all over the world about them. That’s why he never leaves home without his camcorder, PowerBook, and Final Cut Pro software.

Apple Ad Guru To Run Pentium 4 Campaign
by TechWeb
Intel's advertising agency has hired the creator of Apple Computer Inc.'s Think Different spots, Ken Segall, to work on the Pentium 4 campaign.

Swatch Pitches Net Time Standard
by Appleton (Wis.) Post-Crescent
Apple Computer in Cupertino, Calif., has integrated the Swatch time standard into its QuickTime streaming video software so people know what time to tune into live QuickTime broadcasts via the Internet, regardless of what time zone they live in.

Gateway Country: A Lovely Museum
by ZDNet
While you and I are quite capable of shopping unassisted, there are still many people who aren't. These are the people who are flocking to Gateway Country, and they probably leave much happier than they would from a traditional computer store. Even if the computer arrives later.

Fireworks Are Gonna Fly
Macromedia is finally showing its true colors. It wants to get rid of Adobe's Web product suites once and for all. No more coy, "We're just here for the Web, not to challenge Photoshop" put-ons.


To 'Debunk' The Myth: An Apple Retail Strategy
by Architosh
The brick and mortar strategy should be like attending a Jobs keynote. You walk away enthralled and enthused about Macintosh. You walk away truly educated and informed. CompUSAs and Microcenters simply cannot do this for Apple.

The Ideal Machine For Creative Writing
by Low End Mac
Over the years their products seem to have lost their soul.

Why Can't PowerBooks Be Easier To Service And Repair?
It would be nice to think that the new Mercury PowerBooks and the next generation iBooks will be designed with better service-friendliness in mind, but the recent trend pattern has not been encouraging.


Spring Cleaning 3.5
by Macworld
Both utilities will display false-positives, so you shouldn't let them delete all the items they select by default.

Mac Cube Has Power, Style — At A Price
by Government Computer News
It has some quirks, like an oversensitive power switch, but the new G4 has many strengths, too.

Active Bag For iBook
While the style of the Active Bag is first rate, the features and obvious design flaws far outweigh the stylish appeal of the bag.

BBEdit 6
by Mac OS Journal
Believe me, if you're doing Mac programming, especially if you're creating and maintaining web sites on a Mac, you need BBEdit. It's that simple.

by MacAddict
Simply put, the new version of Asteroids relies just as much on "blast-'em-all" gameplay as its predecessors did - and the thrill of pulverizing space rocks ad nauseam holds only so much appeal.

Take A Trip To Creepyland With Stephen King's F13
by The Mac Observer
The "screamsavers" are fun and well done, the graphics throughout the CD are great, and the Mini Games are a fun diversion.

iBook Special Edition
by MacCentral
And with the better graphics controller, the consumer portable is now the equal of the current PowerBook line, which means it's a reasonably powered system for graphics and games.

Iook SE Is A Film Production Studio To Go
by Project Eyeball
Whether the iBook SE is for the home multimedia or business user, it'll appeal with its style, ease of use, performance and stamina.


Wednesday, November 29, 2000
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Antonia Zerbisias: What's a pregnant character when you're grappling with a pregnant chad?


MS: It's (Nearly) Illegal To Buy PCs Without Windows
by The Register
By a strange coincidence Microsoft's dire warnings against buying PCs without preinstalled operating systems seem to have vanished from on the very day that Microsoft argued that it didn't have a monopoly of the OS market, and that "the market position of Windows was created by... consumer demand, not Microsoft's control of total output."

1.7GHz Athlon - Too Hot To Trot?
by The Register
Is AMD running the risk of an embarrassing replay of the Intel 1.13GHz PIII recall by trying to run a processor too close to its performance ceiling?

XBox To Tempt Parents With Online Banking Option
by The Register
Microsoft's Xbox software development team is apparently fiddling around with a version of Microsoft Money for the machine that started out as a games console but is increasingly mutating into a home PC.

Microsoft To Pay $3.7 Million In Bristol Legal Fees
by Bloomberg News
Microsoft must pay more than $3.7 million to cover Bristol Technology's legal fees and costs in bringing an antitrust suit against the world's largest software maker, a judge ruled.

New Spin On Microsoft Case As Big Names Bow Out
While the issues have changed little, the case's future may be profoundly affected by the absence of three pivotal figures: U.S. District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson, Assistant Attorney General Joel Klein and lead prosecution attorney David Boies.

Pocket PC Devices Making Headway Against Palm
by Bloomberg
Palm software runs four times as many handheld computers as the competing system from Microsoft. So why do some analysts believe market leader Palm should be worried?

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