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Saturday, October 12, 2002

Top Stories

Project Changes Face Of Learning At Nashville School
by Rose Ann Pearce, The Morning News
Laptop computers assigned to each student have opened new doors of learning and changed the face of education at a Nashville, Tenn., private elementary school, the school's leader says.

Apple Courts Server Subscribers
by Joe Wilcox, CNET
Apple Computer is giving buyers of its Mac OS X Server the option of signing on for three years of unlimited access to software upgrades for the same price it charges for a single, onetime upgrade.


Sony Ponders iMac Rival
by SAP Info
It started with the Apple iMac. Then Gateway got into the act with its Profile 4. Now the whisper is that Sony is about to come out with an all-in-one personal computer.

Apple Opens Troy Store
by Mike Wendland, Detroit Free Press
The opening shows Apple's belief that there is a strong following in the Detroit area, says Allen Olivo, Apple's senior director of retail marketing.

Apple's Place In Home Computing
by David Clements, Voice Of America
Many experts agree that one key to Apple's continued success is to remain unique and innovative.

Apple, Gateway Soup Up Server Support Programs
by Ashlee Vance, IDG News Service
Apple and Gateway have altered parts of their server support programs to give customers a little more choice, the companies announced Friday, as they battle to make headway against server industry titans like Dell and Sun.

Microsoft MacBU Head Kevin Browne To Depart
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
Kevin Browne left to join the team that builds XBox games.


A Cordless Mouse For Everyone, Even Gamers
by Loyd Case, ExtremeTech
Logitech has delivered a superb cordless mouse perfectly suited for gamers. It's not cheap, but you can finally be free of that annoying tether without having to sacrifice 3D gaming performance.

An Introduction To iMovie
by N.D. Woods, O'Reilly Network
For me, it's the kids, and for the amateur moviemaker, there's no better application than iMovie on Mac OS X.


Saturday, October 12, 2002
by Heng-Cheong Leong

GOOD LUCK! : Have fun over at Xbox, Kevin.

FREE KEYBOARDS : Living in Singapore with a low end Mac? MacSingapore is giving away free ADB keyboards.

Or maybe you just want to collect stuff.

Hurry — while stocks last.

BEST 25 SITES : CareerXRoads found that Apple is among the top 25 best web sites in terms of job recruitment. (Second item)

STATING THE OBVIOUS : Just watched the open ceremony of the Esplanade over on local television, and I have just one thing to say: please use the dual-sound capability to provide us with a sound channel with no commentary by your idioic commentators. "You can now hear the music getting more exciting."


Dell's Last Stand?
by Charles Cooper, CNET
After consistently underestimating Dell's ability to slay giants over the years, yours truly is going to check the wait-and-see box and take it all in from the vantage point of the cheap seats.

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