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Friday, January 10, 2003

Top Stories

Apple Claims BETT Hat Trick
by Macworld UK
For the third year on the bounce Apple has landed an award at the UK IT in education show BETT.

Apple To Send OS X On Safari
by Matthew Broersma, ZDNet UK
Apple is planning on taking a page out of Microsoft's book, and integrating its new browser technology into the Mac OS X operating system.


Macworld: It Takes All Kinds
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Visitors to Macworld come from all walks of life. Leander Kahney talks to a waitress turned documentary filmmaker, a church musician and an antiques dealer who doesn't even use computers, to mention just a few.

Windows At Macworld? Believe It
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Perhaps the most unusual exhibitor at this year's Macworld tradeshow is a company that sells, of all things, glass windows. Also please don't eat the snails.

Nvidia Targets Mac Games Users
Nvidia is muscling its way onto the packaging of a significant number of games for the Mac platform.

Apple UK Tops Schools Poll
by Macworld UK
Schools were asked to detail how satisfied they were with their ICT products and services — and Apple was ahead of the pack.

Print Shop, Kid Pix Deluxe, More Coming To OS X
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
The logjam of educational and home software that isn't available for Mac OS X will soon be broken if Mac conversion house Software MacKiev has anything to do with it.

Film To Fibre: Price And Proliferation
by Jeanne-Vida Douglas, ZDNet Australia
At roughly ten percent of the cost of their precursors, the latest in digital editing suites have opened the film production floodgates, placing professional editing equipment within the reach of small scale production houses and independent directors.

Dell Flunks Environmental Test
by Austin Business Journal
IBM and Apple ranked highest among U.S. companies.

Gadget Takes iTunes To The Living Room
by Ian Fried, CNET
The HomePod downloads songs one at a time and plays them either through a stereo or by connecting directly to speakers.

MPEG-4 Backers Protest Microsoft License
by Stefanie Olsen, CNET
Proponents of MPEG-4 are decrying Microsoft's new licensing fees for rival technology, saying that the pricing poses unfair competition and threatens consumer choice.

Apple Embraces Two New Fast Standards
by Jim Dalrymple and David Read, MacCentral
During Tuesday's keynote address, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced two new technologies on the new 17-inch PowerBook that should give users more bandwidth for wireless networking and FireWire than ever before.


Installing CD-RW Raises Burning Questions
by Gary Kirchherr, Erie Times-News
Sooner or later something is going to go wrong, and that means diving back into the addictive world of computer-tinkering.

Macworld: The Real Show Is The Audience
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
I wouldn't go so far as to say that Mac users are the best people in the world of technology ... but certainly, they are the nicest.

More On The Macworld Expo
by David Pogue, New York Times
The truth is, my report was over 2000 words long in its first draft. What a shame, I thought, to have to cut so much interesting secondary information—and what luck to have an email column where I can put it!

Safari A Jaguar In Sheep's Clothing?
by MacSlash
So what are some other possibilities if we stop thinking of Safari as CyberDog the Sequel?

Where Apple's Going Astray
by Arthur Kannas, CNET


Safari Shows Off The Apple Difference
by Jeff Adkins, Low End Mac
If you can get a sense of this true interface philosophy and integrated design, you can see what it is Apple is trying to market.

The 17" PowerBook G4/1000 With GeForce4 440 Go Versus Other Apple Laptops
by Bare Feats

iApp Organize Whom You Know, Where You Go
by Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle
I sometimes pine for Entourage's superior searching, printing and notifying, but iCal and Address Book have the killer feature I can't live without: They work with iSync.

In-Depth: 12-Inch PowerBook
by Sean Yepez, MacNN
I was able to spend time with the PowerBook and its engineers to examine the finest details of the design with a fine-toothed comb to bring you exactly what you can't know without using the unit.

iPhoto 2.0 Steps, Not Dashes, Forward
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
Lots of other little improvements, such as easier access to your iTunes library, make iPhoto 2.0 a worthy download.

Why Are Safari And Sherlock Two Different Applications?
by Jason kottke
Why the distinction between regular web browsing and web browsing using specialized interfaces for structured data?

Web-Surfing Safari
by Jason Brooks, eWeek
According to Apple, KHTML was selected as Safari's foundation for its leanness and speed, and these were the two attributes that impressed us most in tests of the Apple browser.


Friday, January 10, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

ALWAYS A GOOD IDEA : "Yes," reports Macs Only!, "the real U.S. government Internal Revenue Service actually has a booth at MWSF. We instinctively shied away from getting too close."


A Microsoft Watch Will Provide Much More Than Time
by Saul Hansell, New York Times
Microsoft, continuing its effort to extend its reach beyond computers, today introduced designs for a new class of watch that gives more than the time and a pocket audio and video player.

Is There Truth Behind The Macromedia Takeover Rumors?
by Cade Metz, PC Magazine
Chances are, this won't happenó-at least not anytime soon. Microsoft isn't in a position to unceremoniously purchase competitors and kill off their products.

Microsoft E-Book Software Cracked
by John Borland, ZDNet
A British programmer has released software online that is said to dismantle the anticopying technology in the Microsoft Reader e-book software, setting up another potential confrontation in the digital piracy wars.

Microsoft, Intel Team On Portable Video Players
by Carmen Nobel, eWeek
Aiming to prove that one-trick-devices still have a place in the world of handheld computing, Intel and Microsoft are working to increase adoption of the portable video player.

Xbox Hackers Get Cracking Again
by Robert Jaques,
Reports of the death of the high-profile Neo Project Xbox digital rights cracking effort have been greatly exaggerated, it has emerged today.

Dell: PCs Still Rule The Roost
by David Becker, CNET
The PC still rules, insists Dell Computer founder Michael Dell.

Microsoft Enlists Media Allies
by Lisa M. Bowman, CNET
Microsoft announced expanded support for its media ventures on Thursday at the Consumer Electronics Show 2003 in Las Vegas.

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