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Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Top Stories

A Legal Fix For Software Flaws?
by Declan McCullagh, CNET
Microsoft's security failings may draw repeated beatings in the court of public opinion, but they will likely never be tested in a court of law unless current product liability statutes are rewritten, legal experts agree.


FWB Axes RealPC, Calls OS X Version 'Vaporware'
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
FWB Inc. has discontinued its RealPC emulation product, according to a statement posted on its Web site. The news dashes the hopes of Mac users looking for an emulation alternative to VirtualPC, Connectix's virtual machine emulation technology now owned by Microsoft.

GraphicConverter Updated To V4.8.1
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral

Virtual PC No-Go On G5
by Macworld UK
Microsoft's PC emulation application Virtual PC 6.1 is incompatible with Apple's now-shipping Power Mac G5's, according to reports.

Microsoft: IM Party's Over
by Matt Hicks, eWeek
Microsoft Corp. is developing a licensing program for third-party instant messaging clients and services that want to continue accessing its .Net Messaging Service, but it comes with a catch.

PC-Makers Look Forward To Brisk Sales To Students
by Scripps Howard News Service
Makers of personal computers are gearing up for a back-to-school season that analysts expect will be more robust than in previous years, due to the growing popularity of laptops.

School Board Pleased With Budget
by Erin Haller, Newton Daily News
Apple Computers has approached the district about its "one-to-one" program that involves one computer for every student with laptops and Internet access at home. With an original estimate of $300 per student from Apple, McDermott is not interested unless the district can receive corporate assistance.

Apple Issues G5 Benchmarks
by Andrew Orlowski, The Register
The results are in line with Intel's historically strong performance in integer performance and PowerPC's equally strong floating point results. But according to Apple the gcc compiler used did not support the AltiVec floating point instructions, and yet the G5 machine managed to trump both Dells on trial.

Jonathan Ive Wins New Praise
by Nick Spence, Macworld UK
Creative Review readers have voted Apple's VP industrial design Jonathan Ive top of the magazine's Peer Poll for 2003.


Wanted: Advertising Rants And Raves
by Bill Virgin, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
For all the ink spilled in discussing the advertisement over the decades, did "1984" make the Apple Macintosh more than a niche product with a tenuous hold on the personal computing world?


Apple iSight Conference Video Camera
by Jack Kapica, Globe And Mail
An excellent video camera and one we suspect will become very popular — once the software catches up with it and people keep moving to broadband.

Apple Xserve
by Tom Henderson,
While decidedly Apple, Xserve puts to shame many of the Linux distributions available by tying together the diverse number of applications that are needed to administer an equivalent Linux server into a simple, GUI-driven interface. Xserve plays well in a Windows network, but also accommodates a variety of network constructions — all from a tight 1U package.

The Penguin In The Apple
by Leonardo Giordani, Linux Journal
The installation procedure is quite simple, as you can see, but we cannot say that Linux support is total and stable on this Apple hardware. We are walking on the edge right now.


Wednesday, August 27, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

WITH THE RECENT INTRODUCTION of services such as MSN Premium and AOL's Bring Your Own Access, Apple's .Mac service is looking more and more as, well, either visionary, or ahead-of-its-time.

Anyway, the competition is here. Apple need to show us the value of .Mac.

(Damn, I just ended a sentence with ".Mac".)

(Oops, I did it again.)


Did Linux Lose A Marketing Opportunity?
by Eric Hellweg, Business 2.0
Microsoft's recent security troubles made it an easy target for Linux proponents. Here's why they didn't go on the attack.

Microsoft To Debut MSN Premium
by Jim Hu, CNET
On Wednesday, the software giant will unveil "MSN Premium," a new version of its Internet service that it hopes will appeal to the expanding population of broadband users.

Dumb Software For Dumb People
by Farhad Manjoo, Salon
The Windows world is fertile ground for infinite virus plagues, especially when users refuse to take proper care of their computers.

Shanghai: School's Out For Microsoft Office
by CNET Asia
A China-made office suite will replace Microsoft Office in Shanghai schools, after a reported raid on schools by antipiracy officials and a demand from the software company for license fees.

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