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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Top Stories

iPod People
by Larry Muhammad, Courier-Journal
Legions of music lovers turn to little portable jukeboxes.

Mac Word Notes View ANd OneNote
by Rick Schaut
The number one constraint is development resources. Availability of development resources doesn't invovle what you already have in the bank. It involves the return you can expect to receive from committing those resources to a particular project. It's about profitability.

Apple, Adobe Drifting Apart
by David Becker, CNET
They share an area code, a customer segment and a history dating back to the early days of personal computing. But Apple Computer and Adobe Systems, like many in long-term relationships, have seen the 20-year-and-counting bond betwen them run hot and cold.


Apple's iPod Patent Not Thinking Differently Enough
by Gizmdo
Designer Noel Rubin was a little perturbed. iPod's interface bears a striking resemblance to his 'scrollJET' project, a Macromedia Shockwave front end that allows visual hierarchical browsing of filesystems.

iTunes 'Is Music-Licence Leader'
by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK
Apple's business model "responds to many of the current legal and technological challenges in online media distribution."

Apple In 3D-Audio Move
by Macworld UK
Apple has announced that it is officially endorsing OpenAL — a cross-platform three-dimensional audio API — and has contributed modifications that result in dramatic performance enhancements for gaming audio on Mac OS X.

WiebeTech Offers Quad BayDock 800
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
The device is a four-drive FireWire 800 enclosure suitable for RAID applications. Offers BriefPaks For iBook, PowerBook
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral


Apple Display Dyslexia
by John Kheit, Mac Observer
Why is Apple losing the resolution race to Dell?

Is The Pismo The Most Elegant, Desirable PowerBook Ever?
by Charles W. Moore, Applelinks


On The Road, Again?
by Peter Rojas, Slate
The best ways to listen to MP3s in your car.

Going On Safari
by Christopher Breen, TechTV
Safari has a few tricks of its own. I'll take you on a tour of some of my favorites.

Mac OS X: Making The Switch
by James Kahan,
I know this article seems like a long advertisement for Apple, but now I understand why Mac users are such zealots. I am so amazed by the fact that everything just works that I feel the need to convert everyone I know.

Mac OS X 10.3.x: Time Being Incorrectly Set One Hour Ahead
by MacFixIt
"The time on finder shows one hour ahead although on the preferences the time is correct."


Codename Tiger
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Tiger: That's probably the name that Apple will use to sell the next major version of Mac OS X. And if past histocial trends continue, expect to see Tiger (a.k.a. Mac OS X 10.4) in stores by end of the year.


Microsoft Criticized For Vulnerable Software
by Jube Shiver Jr., Los Angeles Times
As Windows users are being plagued by computer viruses, spam, buggy software and Web pop-up ads, some people are questioning why Microsoft has failed to integrate security and repair features that would make computers less prone to problems.

EC's Microosft Ruling — A Big Mistake
by John Carroll, ZDNet
A common complaint I have against antitrust is its tendency to turn what was previously legal illegal, and then penalizing the offending company for actions performed before the shift.

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