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Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Wants To Open Song Vaults
by Katie Dean, Wired News
To maintain its lead, Apple is on a hunt to find exclusive music, everything from out-of-print singles in music company vaults to songs that have never been pressed onto a CD and even recordings form the estates of deceased artists.

Apple iPod Mini Reflects Personality
by Duncan Martell, Reuters
Some pooh-poohed the assorted colors of Apple's iPod mini as frivolous, but the digital music players are a smash hit and have become fashion accessories in and of themselves.


Mac Security Alert
by Macworld UK
A UK government organization responsible for gathering information on IT security incidents has issued two security advisories regarding recently identified vulnerabilities in Mac OS X.

iPod All The Rage In High Fashion
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
20040512fendi Forget the $200 iPod bag from Gucci; it's for cheapskates. The ultimate iPod accessory is Fendi's Juke Box, a $1,500 carrying case for transporting multiple iPods. That's right: multiple iPods.

Apple Wins iTunes Interface Patent
by John Borland, CNET
Apple has won a patent for the interface of its iTunes music software, underscoring the growing importance of the multimedia business for the company.

Microsoft: Virtual PC 7 Delayed Until "Second Half Of 2004"
by Brad Gibson, Mac Observer
Due to longer-than-expected development and testing.

Office 2004 Shipping; Virtual PC 7.0 Delayed
by MacMinute

UK Buyers Find Their Own Channels To Get iPod Minis
by Margot Patrick, Ocala Star-Banner
Dozens of sellers in the U.S. are offering the diminutive devices for sale on the British eBay online auction site at a big markup on the $249 list price.

Mac Market Ripe For Backup Software Boon
by Kevin Komiega,

Mark/Space Adds Zire 31, 72 Support To Two Palm Apps
by Brad Cook, MacCentral

Adobe Releases Photoshop CS Update For MP Macs
by MacCentral


Accidents Happen
by Peter Cohen, Macworld
Two clicks from iTunes' built-in help fixed the problem in no time flat, along as a well-deserved boost of self-confidence that's she's in control of the computer, not the other way around.


FileMaker Pro 7 Is The Darling Of Databases
by Bob and Joy Schwabach, Kansas City Star
We love it.

Integrating Xgrid Into Cocoa Applications, Part 1
by Drew McCormack, O'Reilly Network

Never Use iPhoto's "Erase After Transfer" Option
by Jim Heid
Pretend it isn't even there. Verify that your photos came in correctly, then use your camera's menus to erase the card.

iTunes Criticisms
by Frank Boosman
Alan Kay once famously called the Mac "the first PC good enough to criticize." That's how I feel about iTunes and the iTunes Music Store.


Analysts: Tablet PC Could Quietly Vanish
by Mark Hachman, eWeek
The "slate" version of the Tablet PC platform that Microsoft and its partners pioneered is being increasingly marginalized, a victim of a desire to bring "electronic ink" technologies into notebook PCs, analysts and vendors said.

Microsoft Corrects: No XP SP2 For Pirated Copies
by Larry Seltzer, eWeek
Despite reports indicating that Microsoft was planning to allow users with pirated copies of Windowx XP to install Service Pack 2, the company has confirmed that this will not be the case.

April Shower Of Microsoft Vulnerabilities Ends In May
by Paul Roberts, IDG News Service
One month after it disclosed dozens of software vulnerabilities, then watched as malicious code and a new family of worms appeared to exploit these holes, Microsoft decided to take it easy in May, publishing just one bulletin Tuesday covering a single noncritical vulnerability in some versions of Windows.

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