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Sunday, June 13, 2004

Top Stories

iPods Usher Marlins Into Digital World
by Joe Capozzi, Palm Beach Post
Digital music players, led by Apple's iPod, are rivaling gloves and bats as essential equipment in major-league clubhouses. The marlins' clubhouse is no exception.

Micro Macworld, Major Goals
by Keith Reed, Boston Globe
Dozens of former exhibitors, including Microsoft, will be absent fromw hat was once the granddaddy of technology trade shows on the East Coast, Macworld. But executives at IDG World Expo contend that a host of new interactive exhibits will still satisfy the expectations of attendees.


New Dual G5 2.5GHz Liquid Cooling System
by Gregory Han, Unofficial Apple Weblog
The cooling medium used is comprised mostly of water with some propylene glycol, and is maintenance free and very quiet.

Wedded Bliss At Frameline28
by Carla Meyer, San Francisco Chronicle
"People who live anywhere can make films because of digital video."

School's Computer Plan Upsets Some Parents
by Sherry Parmet, Union-Tribune
Some parents who were encouraged to buy or rent laptop computers for their fifth-graders at Ashley Falls Elementary as part of a new technology program are fuming over a public school making the request.


Apple Can't Read Its Own Data Formats
by Kellan Elliott-McCrea
Afterall, they knew that people were keeping multiple iPhoto libraries due to earlier versions of iPhoto's abysmal performance, in fact that is what iPhoto 4 was released to solve. Not including a way to merge libraries is inexcusable.

IBM And Apple Shake The Dust Off Dull Desktops
by Chris Cobbs, Orlando Sentinel
If you're ready to replace an aging system, consider the new IBM and Apple machines for pinched work spaes and for bleeding-edge performance.


Instant Gratification
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Steve Jobs talked about instant gratification when he unveiled the iTunes Music Store — and he was so right.

Over the weekend, I've subscribed to an online service. No it's not .Mac, but the this online service does have a name that is similar to a particular web browser on the Mac. :-)

I've subscribed because I've decided that I do need the service it provides. So, I've keyed in all the credit card information, and received an email confirming that my credit card.

But then, when I next tried to sign in, I recieved a cryptic error message. About an hour later, I tried signing in again, and instead of finally providing the service, it seems to have forgotten I've already subscribed, and invited me to join a 14-day trial instead, asking for my credit card information again.


I need my instant gratification.

Update: (1 day later) Problem resolved. Not too bad — but could be better.

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