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Friday, June 25, 2004

Top Stories

Prelude To A Fake Complaint
by Electronic Frontier Foundation
Senator Orrin Hatch and his colleagues on the Senate Judiciary Committee have introduced the Inducing Infringements of Copyright Act this week. They want us to think the Act is no big deal, and that it targets only the bad guys while leaving the good guys alone. They say that it doesn't change the law; it just clarifies it. But they're wrong. And this legal complaint ins the proof.


The Dawn Of The Apple Supercomputer
by Blane Warrene, MacNewsWorld
"There are still and will always be reasosn to use big iron like the Cray systems. However, Apple can surely make some money and have some fun in this market."


FairPlay: Another Anticompetitive Use Of DRM
by Fred von Lohmann, Electronic Frontier Foundation
FairPlay is a great barrier to entry that keeps the iPod as the exclusive device for the Music Store.

Secrecy Eating At Apple
by Mark Hall, Computerworld
Apple's "loose lips sink ships" attitude works well for its consumer market. But in the serious world of corporate IT, CIOs seldom make infrastructure investments without a deep understanding of a vendor's long-term strategy. And Apple refues to reveal much, if anything, about its plans.

Apple's Options: How Much Pain?
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek

Customers Call The Tune
by Roger Howorth,
The iPod's success at the expense of a complacent music industry should serve as a warning to any vendor that ignores its customers.

iPod: Where The Money Is
by Peter White,
Apple has some way to go yet before it can claim a final victory as the Amazon of the industry, but at the same time, it has plenty of revenue growth to come if that level of penetration is the aim.


Rumor Today: RealPlayer 10 For Mac OS X
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Mac Observer: RealPlayer 10 for Mac OS X incorporates many of the same features found on Apple's QuickTime and QuickTime Pro 6.5... but adds a large number of new features and advantages.

Rumor Today: WWDC Speculation Continues
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Think Secret: New displays? Yes; New iMacs? No.

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