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Sunday, August 1, 2004


A New Age Dawns: Father And Daughter Musicians Create Synthesized Sound

In varying degrees, father-and-daughter musicians Frank and Kerry Leva represent music's high-technology future by adapting their instrumental training to the computer age.

Apple, Circuit City Head To Carousel

Two big names in retail electronics and computers are coming to Carousel Center mall in the fall: Circuit City and an Apple store from Apple Computer.

Long Waiting List For Apple's iPod Mini

Demand has been outstripping supply as hundreds of eager buyers in Singapore rush to lay their hands on the new Apple iPod mini digital music player.

Apple, RealNetworks Clash Fuels Industry Debate

The increasinlyg rancorous feud between Apple and RealNetworks is refueling controversy about Apple's business model, copyright law and the impact of incompatile technologies on the music business.


Apple's Jobs Strikes Sour Note In Bashing Harmony

You called Harmony a "hack." I call it history. And I want to warn you, in the words of that great Guttenberg-compatible software writer Arnold Toynbee, that he who forgets history is doomed to repeat it.

My iPod Or Apple's?

What Apple seems to be telling its customers is that they don't deserve to buy music from anyone but Apple — and in its own way, that's as disrespectful a message as the one that Real has sometimes communicated in the past.

Apple Joins The 64-Bit Party

Apple has proven its ability to bring Mac OS developers up to speed on new technologies.

Neat Idea: The Mini-Me Drive


Alias Sketchbook Pro

The one real drawback to Sketchbook is that it doesn't integrate well with Photoshop or Painter. But as a standalone application for creating quick sketches, Sketchbook Pro stands ahead of the pack.

Apple AirPort Express Shuffles The Deck With Wireless Fidelity

While the capabilities of the Express may make it sound complicated, it is not.


Amercian Innovation Is Now In Danger, Except...

Sir Harold Evans: We've gotten fat, dumb and happy. Obviously, we still get someone brilliant like Steve Jobs — and the iPod. I think [the iPod] is marvelous.

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