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Friday, August 6, 2004

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Apple 10-Q Reveals Operational, Financial Details

Apple's French business unit is being sued by Virgin Mega and the French Competitition Council, which allege that Apple has wrongfully refused to license its FairPlay Digital Rights Management (DRM) technology to competitors.


New Features Added To iMix

New additions include Most Recent, Featured, staff picks and a running counter — the number of iMixes created so far is 81242.

Image Flaw Pierces PC Security

Six vulnerabilities in the open-source PNG image format could allow intruders to compromise computers running Linux and may allow attacks against Windows PCs as well as Macs running OS X.

Apple Releases Xcode 1.5

The update includes "an enhanced version of the Xcode IDE with enhanced features and improvements to the user experience, speed, and the build system."

iPod Could Help Profits At Proffitt's

Retailers are looking for unique ways to capitalize on iPod's popularity.

"Mini" Apple Store To Open In Syracuse

The store will be only the second example of Apple's new "mini" store format, with the first store slated to open in California's Bay Area.

'Music Moguls Will Cringe At iPod Hack'

Apple's threat of legal action over a RealNetworks iPod "hack" is entirely justified, market analysts say.

Apple Posts iPhoto 4.0.3 Update

The text of the update information is identical to the 4.0.2 release published earlier this week. "iPhoto 4.0.3 addresses minor issues with Smart Albums and European books, and provides notifications when new versions of iPhoto are available."

Hays High Students Excited About Hitting The Ibooks This Year

"This is going to make learning a lot more fun."

HF-Lima Rethinks Use Of Middle-School Laptops

The Honeoye Falls-Lima school board is trying to figure out what to do about the middle school laptop computer project that was launched in February with a focus on use at school and at home.

The 'Big Mac' Supercomputer Biz

"What's really nice about the G5 pizza-box-size servers is how well they dissipate heat... Apple was definitely the best value proposition."


I Want An Apple Credit Card

The possibilities are endless for an Apple Credit Card and I can't wait to have one in my wallet. How about you?

Aural Exam

A more pressing issue for Duke and its higher education peers is whether iPods in particular and technology in general improve a student's journey to the heart of education.

Apple And The Legacy Of Napster

Where does the user figure in this story? Good question — one that Apple can't answer with a straight face.

iPod Tech Support — The $399 Pyramid

Eh? So Apple doesn't suppor third-party headphones, I pondered.


AirPort Express: A First Impression

Using AirPort Express On A Hotel Room Ethernet

New Apple iPods Vs. Creative's Zen Touch

Apple's player keeps getting better. I'm not sure I can say the same for Creative's offering.

Mating iPod And BMW Is A Brilliant Concept, But First Try Is Crude

The BMW adapter is still a disappointment because of the limitations it imposes on tne normal use of hte iPod.


Rumor Today: AppleWorks X

The source of the rumor? A listing for an upcoming book entitled "AppleWorks X for Mac OS X: A Visual Quickstart Guide."

I hope what this means is that Apple, in addition to Keynote, has now a word processing and a spreadsheet application. And AppleWorks X is a suite consisting of all these applications, plus, perhaps with a version of FileMaker Pro.

And, hopefully, like the current AppleWorks/ClarisWorks, the entire suite is also available for Windows.

One can dream, can't I?

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