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Wednesday, August 18, 2004

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It Doesn't Have To Be This Way

You take a different journey on an Apple. If you're not a techie, it's a slight morass at first. However, it's a journey worth making. The initial expense was quite high, but I can't see myself needing more power or capabilities for years. PCs now seem positively clunky. I, for one, won't be struggling to peer through any Windows any more.


Glaser: Harmony Is The Way Forward

"We thought there's a real emerging problem here and rather than just line up in a format war, let's try to rise above that."

70,000 Expected At 21st Apple Expo

RealNetworks Versus Apple. War Report

RealNetworks has seen the first fruit of its self-declared war against Apple — declining stock values nad a deluge of anger from Mac, iPod and iTunes fans.

The iPod And Its Ilk Will Not Stop At Music

"As the pods go up in gigabytes," says Jakob Nielsen, "it's inevitable that they will become general purpose storage devices. Add a colour screen and they become photo viewers."

Making Free iPods Pay Off

Unless you're extremely gullible, the promise of getting a free iPod from looks extremely dubious. But surprsingly, the site appears to be legitimate.

OnlyMac Announces Release Of MacFamilyTree 4

Music Fans Sound Off

"We felt there was a vocal minority coming to the site that would intimidate others from actually learning about the freedom of choice in music," RealNetworks spokeswoman Erika Shaffer said.

Player Penetration By The Numbers

250 million and 93%. Those are just two of the figures by Microsoft, Apple, Real, Macromedia, and others in reference to the number of people who have downloaded their media players. This is a realistic look into what those numbers actually mean.

Mac Version Of Doom 3 Sees Setback?

The id folks responded that, due to optimization problems, Activision has no plans to publish the port themselves.

Apple Computer "Outperform"

Industry data suggests that the creative professional computer market has rebounded.

Apple Expo 2004 To Focus On European Marketplace

Real's Petition Backfires Thanks To Apple Fans

Spring Cleaning 7.0 Adds System Snapshot, More

The upgrade to the company's uninstaller and system clean-up tool adds several new features, including System Snapshot, which allows you to see exactly what changed on your Mac after installing or updating software.


Watching A Windows User Trying To Bum Free Wireless Access Off Of An Apple Store

The list of reasons why the majority of the public should immediately switch to the Mac platform continues to grown, and on some days the list seems endless.

Feature Creep: The Real World

I really have to hand it to Glaser. Steve Jobs may someday permit licensing Fairplay technology to competing music services, but Real's CEO, almost assuredly a dedicated Apple worshiper, has single-handedly insured that his own company won't be one of them.

Apple's Real Rivalry

I'm not convinced Real's plan will further its long-term agenda much — or take a very big slice of the Apple pie.


Few Extra Programs Needed If Switching

If you're considering switching to a Mac, you're probably wondering if you'll need to buy a lot of new software. Maybe not. Apple's OS X computers might not need extra software to do the tasks you want.

OmniWeb 5.0: The Powerful Web Browser

The Omni Group deserves support for raising the standard of how a Web browser can go beyond — far beyond — the basics of rendering pretty pages.


Rumor Today: iWork, ProBand, Pods

Those observers at, well, The Mac Observer, discovered that Apple has just filed a bunch of trademark applications. Is iWork the next release of AppleWorks? Perhaps ProBand and Pod are the professional (read: expensive) version of the GarageBand and iPod?

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