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Wednesday, August 25, 2004


Paris Readies For Packed Apple Expo

Apple Expo is thought by many to be the cornerstone of the French love affair with the Mac. More and more people come to the event each year.

"I'll Stay Out Of Politics' — Jobs

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has confirmed he will stay out of politics because there are more Democrats than Mac users.

Synaptics Up On Strong Outlook For Notebook, iPod Sales

Shares of Synaptics rose Tuesday after an investment firm said the maker of touch pads and pointing sticks for notebook computers is poised to benefit from unexpectedly strong back-to-school notebook sales. The analyst also said that the latest white Apple iPod, which uses the company's interface products, is doing well at its lower price points.


Attend School — Get Cool Stuff

OmniWeb 5.0 Review Generates Odd Commentary

What really floored me is that many of the people writing had a distinctly angry tone, as though I (and the Omni Group) had intentionally tried to hoodwink them.

Apple Blossoms

If Apple's stock has been outperforming the overall market thanks mainly to one product's success, just imagine how much more room there could be if all of Apple's units start clicking at the same time.


Video iPod? How Steve Jobs Can Not Take Back His Words

Why is Apple looking for an engineer to work on video integration for the iPod, even after what Steve Jobs has said? Here are some wild and crazy ideas...

1. Apple will pioneer a new eyeglass add-on, where video will be piped to just one of the two lens. Now, you can watch video while exercising.

2. The iPod will not only be able to record audio, but video too.

3. Daddy and mommy can listen to jazz in the frontseat of their BMW, while the kids can watch Barney in the backseat. From the same iPod.

Do you have any ideas beyond what Microsoft is doing with its portable video player?

Rumor Today: More Than The iMac?

Everybody knows that Apple will be unveiling the brand new iMac G5 next week at Apple Expo Paris. (Apple better be, after their earlier announcement about the discontinuation of the current iMac G4.)

But, AppleInsider is saying that there will be more products being launched too. (I hope it's more than just the expected iSight update.)

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