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Monday, August 30, 2004

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Can Microsoft Stomp iTunes With A Store Of Its Own?

One way Micrsofot will do to get people's attention is by promoting the fact that song files from its service can be played on a wide range of portable music players, in contrast to iTunes, which works only with the iPod.


Battle Brewing On The Digital Music Front

Microsoft's online song store may pose the most serious threat yet to Apple's domination in niche.

Apple Airs New iPod Ad

Apple began airing a new iPod/iTunes television commercial featuring "Walkie Talkie Man" by Steriogram tonight during the MTV Video Music Awards.

'iPod+HP' TV Spot Airs

"You have all your favorite music living happily together in one place."


Powerbook: 1, God: 0

In a kickboxing match between Jesus and Jobs, Steve would win.


TiVo And The Mac

For some things, the Mac doesn't "just work". Windows might be buggy malware-infested crapware that is impossible for me to depend on for a living, but when it comes to things that make the RIAA and MPAA twitch reflexively, buggy and filled with an infinite number of teenage monkey hackers beats stale and used by crusty old farts like myself.


What Is Longhorn?

Dave Winer: WHen you ask a Microsoft person to say what Longhorn is supposed to do, you get rambly hand-wavy words that mean nothing. A product with a purpose has a two-sentence description that gets everyone so excited they can't wait. Longhorn isn't designed to solve anyone's problems. I think they all know it, but they can't say it out loud because they've all drunk the Kook Aid on this.

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