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Friday, September 3, 2004

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MSN Music Is Off-Key, Apple Says

The creator of the trendsetting iPod music player and iTunes music service on Thursday tok its on-again-off-again rival to task for the new MSN Music download service, saying it has fewer features and fewer songs than the market-leading iTunes.


Did Apple Offer Sony An iTunes Deal?

Steve Jobs offered Nobuyuki Idei, chairman and group CEO of Sny, the chance for Sony to come aboard Apple's iTunes Music Store service, the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun newspaper reports in its September 2 edition.

Fans Keep Newton In Motion

Six years after Apple terminated the Newton, the Worldwide Newton Association is holding its first conference to determine the future of the platform.

Can Microsoft Slay Apple's Music Goliath?

According to analysts, content owners are gravitating toward the Microsoft format because of Apple's refusal to license its FairPlay software.

Apple Faithful's Apathy To Blame For Napsterized Schools

Apple users have this nasty habit of dishing out vicious assaults when you don't want to hear them and staying awfully quiet when you'd like them to chirp up. No where is this pattern more evident than at the universities who have signed up for Napster's music rental service. THese schools have run right over the famous Apple faithful, and the Mac addicts seem to enjoy the process.

We've Never Even Heard Of This 'iTunes Music Store' Of Which You Speak

Why, I'm sure they even decided on the name of their weekly email newsletter ("New Music Tuesdays") years ago.

Gates: "We're Early On The Video Thing"

"Apple always goign to have the Apple position. Over time, the importance of choice, price-performance, some of the broad software things we do that they don't do, will give us the Microsoft position. I don't kow what the equilibrium will be, but I think there's a significant opportunity for both of us."

MSN Music Store Encourages Users To Pester Apple To Open iPod

"If you are an iPod owner already and unhappy about [Apple's] policy, you are welcome to send feedback to Apple requesting that they change their interoperability policy."

Belkin Debuts TuneDok For iPod Mini, More

The TuneDok for the iPod mini provides "security and stability, along with flexible construction for a perfect fit in your car's cup-holder console."

MacSoft: Railroad Tycoon 3 Ships Sept. 13


Duke University's Use Of iPod Not Frivolous

Duke already has five academic and course iPod projects up and running; two more have been identified this week, and many other faculty have made proposals that have yet to be reviewed.

iMac: The Missing Memory

When it comes to memory, I think Apple has gone too far for the sake of hitting a price point.

Linux Doesn't Make Sense For Desktops

Linux just isn't a good choice for desktops. Instead, desktop Linux proponents should wake up and switch to the Mac OS.

Avoiding The Microsoft Tax

My latest acquisition is a 17" Apple Powerbook powered by the IBM G4 processor which I'll use to replace my XP laptop and an older G4 tower. In addition to a breathtakingly beautiful form factor, this machine has every feature I need, from DVD-R to Airport and Bluetooth connections. More importantly, there's no essential application I need that doesn't run on this platform.


iPod Mini's Soundtrack For Life

Overall the iPod mini is a tremendous little machine and offers the storage capacity, performance and portability to suit most consumers.


Not Really Satisifed? You Can Still Dream, Can You?

Peter Rojas, in Engadget: Here's our pet theory/secret dream: Apple didn't include features such as TV tuner because they don't want the iMac to cannibalize sales of an even nicer media center Mac they have int he works.

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