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Tuesday, September 7, 2004


Crimson Or Blue?

Duke University's free iPods make us devilishly jealous.

Culture Clash: Those Li'l iPod Gods Are Smiling

In return for the loss of my library, I got 1,976 new songs chosen by someone else. By inheriting her music, I had a rare opportunity to spend some quality time in somebody else's musical mind.


The Well-Worn NoteBook

There's no question that other programs can perform roughly the same tasks. But given a choice of any of them, I'll stick with NoteBook.

PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5GHz

Immensely powerful machine, easy to assemble, a dream to run, and quiet in opertation.


Another "Paradigm Shift", Courtesy Of The iPod?

Kurt Starsinic: Instead of broadcasting what we listen to, we're advertising that we listen. It's becoming sexier not to enter other people's attention space uninvited.

Yes, It's Still Dead

6 long years after the introduction of the bondi-blue iMac, reporters are still writing about the death of floppy disk.

Well, at least it's still better read than the upcoming death of Apple Computer, Inc.

Can I Have My 15 Minutes?

Engadget found a MP3 player called the Podi. Apple lawyers, start your engines.


Microsoft Creates Static Over New Radio Feature

A feature of Microsoft's new MSN Music service is quietly raising eyebrows in the radio industry. It is using playlists from more than 900 local radio stations around the country to create its own soundalike Internet stations — stripped of local DJ chatter, traffic, weather and commercials.

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