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Friday, September 10, 2004


People's Republic Of Mac

Yan Feng, president of the Beijing Macintosh User Group, was just 9 when he first laid eyes on the now positively prehistoric Mac classic. It was love at first sight.

The Continuing Renaissance Of Apple

The IT industry and the PC industry, in particular, needs Apple to succeed.

Nisus Software Releases Nisus Writer Express 2.0

Version 2.0 offers over 30 new features including easy to use tables and styles, footnotes, smart quotes and more.

.Mac Members Save $50 On Contribute 3

Up for grabs is a US$50 discount on Contribute 3, Macromedia's Web publishing and editing software.

Apple Remote Desktop 2: An Inside Look

The release of Apple Remote Desktop 2 was yet another sign that Apple is building an increasingly enterprise-centric portfolio.

New Nokia Phone Bundles Mac-Compatible Sync Software

Apple The Most Innovative Comapny In Past 75 Years

Apple is viewed as the most innovative company of the past 75 years, according to a recent survey conducted by BusinessWeek.

Bear Stearns Downgrades Apple Stock

The stock has already reached the year-end price target set by the firm's analysts.

Apple Disputes Real's Market Share Numbers

"During the last 3 weeks we did not see any drop in our market share, and our sales grew each week."


Apples In Paradise: The State Of Macs In Hawaii

What more could a Mac guy want?

Open Or Closed? Apple's Real Battle With Microsoft Over Standards

The first thing we can do as users, Mac or Windows, is not worry too much about the so-called standards, but adopt that which works well for us.


ProofMaster Adesso: Utility Delivers Easy, Accurate Color Proofing

For small design shops looking for precise in-house proofing, or photographers looking for more out of a printer than its native drivers can deliver, ProofMaster Adesso is a very good deal.

iPod Voice Recorders

Griffin iTalk takes the lead in sound-quality race with Belkin Voice Recorder.

iBook G4s: Latest Update Frees Memory Slot And Boosts CPU

The current iBook lineup offers an excellent combination of performance, features, and affordability.


Sell Your Tunes

1 Year Ago: Apple Customer Resells iTunes Song.

Has anything changed for the better one year later? Sadly, not much.

Hot, Hot, Tip

The folks at Gizmodo have discovered an image on Apple's iTunes web site that is, well, less than family-friendly.

Either the image over at Apple's web site has since been taken down, or Gizmodo is making all these up. :-)

Innovation Missed Out On The iPods?

By not licensing FairPlay far and wide, does Apple missed out on innovations by other third parties?

For example, here's a radio show for MP3 players that will only work best with Microsoft's Windows Media technology, even though "a slimmed-down version of the service for the iPod" will be available. (Read: crippled.)


The Long March To Longhorn

The grand vision of a unified and simplified search tool for Windows once again has been delayed. Next year, Apple plans to launch new search tools as part of the Tiger release of OS X. And the Linux camp isn't far behind: Novell says it's retooling its iFolder software to give its SuSE Linux unified search capabilities.

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