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Saturday, September 11, 2004

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Windows Games Play Well On Mac, But You Must Wait

As long as the Apple platform continues to deliver on the experience and the lag isn't too long, I forsee a thriving ecosystem for Mac gaming.

iPod Guilty Pleasures

What's cringe-worthy to one might be sweet audio succor to another. What's hidden on an iPod can often strip down any bravado or boasts of highfalutin taste.


Jobs Returns, But Questions On Apple Succession Persist

Mike Leonard: Today's Talented Storyteller

"Even though I think they know it exists in the industry, people were still pretty shocked to see how simple it was just doing it all on this tiny little piece of equipment."

Apple Stores, iPods Encourage Mac Attacks

"We believe the Street is underestimating the power of Apple's retail strategy."

Myst IV Revelation Hits Stores Sept. 28

Myst IV Revelation retains the "node-based" game architecture of previous Myst titles, but like Myst III Exile, you can also rotate 360 degrees to get a better sense of your environment. It's chock-full of new ages to explore and new puzzles to solve, of course.


iMac G5: Has Apple Lost Its Design Edge?

THe design seems rushed.


Fired Up In G5 Heaven

Nirvana. That's the only word to describe the thrill of having Apple's top-shelf product, a G5 tower, to use for a few days.

Apple's New iMac G5 Deserves A Second Look

Instead of simply building a box of circuits and ports, it has designed a piece of art that you want to use and keep near you.

Combustion 3: 3-D Compositing Program Features New Effects And Editing Capabilities

Combustion is a good choice if you're a beginner; however, because of the program's small user base, you won't get the plug-ins and support that you get with After Effects.

Mac OS X For The Traveler, Part 3

Now that we have seen various aspects of physical security, it is time to delve into the issue of software security.


Hose Clamps And Zip Ties Do Not A G4 Mount Make

As Gizmodo demonstrates, how you can surprised when living next door to Danish artists.

Is It True? Gmail Is Running On Xserves

According to Robert X. Cringely, Gamil runs on Apple XServes.


Doing The Impossible With Longhorn

It's funny how circumstances can change your perception of what's possible. A few months ago, key Microsoft architects were telling me that it would be impossible to decouple the Avalon presentation subsystem from the Longhorn OS. Now they're huddling in conference rooms trying to figure out how to do just that. It makes me wonder what else might turn out to be possible after all.

Gartner: Ignore Longhorn And Stick With XP

Longhorn looks increasingly like a product intended to simply fill in a gap in the schedule.

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