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Wednesday, September 15, 2004

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iTunes Under Fire Over UK Pricing

Apple's iTunes music download service has been accused by the Consumers' Association of overcharging UK users. The group accused the service of charging UK-based customers nearly 20% more than those with addresses and payment details in France or Germany.


COLSA Corporation: Taking Apple Xserve To MACH5

"The Xserve G5 is a perfect fit for us because it has a smaller footprint, uses less power, and it gives us the performance that we were looking for. We went through a bid process with specific requirements and the Apple Xserve G5 gave us the best value."

Apple Offers Refurb Sale As Mac Frought Continues

The move comes as Apple's fourth and final year quarter reaches its end this month — while resellers across the UK complain that demand for Apple products exceeds supply.

Mac OS 9 Finds A Deeper Grave As Power Mac G4s Eliminated

More than two years after Steve Jobs put Mac OS 9 "into the grave" at WWDC, Apple recently removed the last new Mac OS 9-bootable systems it offered.

Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 3.0

Photoshop Elements 3.0 includes several advanced editing tools that were previously only available in Photoshop CS such as the powerful Healing Brush, which fixes blemishes and imperfections iwth one click.

Yahoo Shells Out $160 Million In Cash For MusicMatch

Apple's iTunes Music Store may be the current 800-pound gorilla of the online music industry, but now Yahoo — possibly the most visited site on the Internet — is getting into the fray.

Rob Glaser Responds, Talks Up Real Networks

"The legality of Harmony under the DMCA is well established in law... The DMCA contains a specific provision enabling companies to create just this kind of interoperability."

MacSoft Ships Railroad Tycoon 3


Apple Expo France 2004 Show Report


The Keys To Happiness

Microsoft's wireless ergonomic keyboard gives those weary fingers a rest, while Logitech builds a better mouse using laser beams.

Meandering Macs

There are a lot of things right about the EyeHome — its simplicity, good looks and cost, but its interface drove me crazy, often leaving me frustrated and cursing.

Acrobat To A Paperless Office

I'm not to a paperless office just yet, but I'm getting there. For OS X, it's a natural. If you can print it, you can save as a PDF. Below is an introduction to Acrobat for markup if you too want to aim for less paper in your life.

First Look: Mozilla's Firefox Mac Browser. Oh Boy!

An RSS Reader Made The Apple Way

What struck me the msot about NewsFire was it's simplicity.

BBEdit 8

The appeal of BBEdit is in its balance of powerful text-editing features and an elegant, intuitive, and unabashedly Macintosh-style interface — and wehre by "interface" I don't mean in the sense of superficial cosmetic appeal, but in the deeper, interactive sense.


Why, We're Better Than Windows, And We Will Be Better Than The Macintosh

Jeff Waugh, Head Beekeeper of the GNOME project: "In terms of feature parity with the basic Windows desktop we've done it and we're already there. When it comes to enterprise management we need to do some work there and when you compare GNOME to features like in OS X we're almost there."

Who Will Apple Work With?

Looks like Apple has learnt a lesson or two from its great Macintosh cloning experimentation.

Look at who Apple is working with in the iPod/iTunes front:, because they offers original content that Apple cannot easily offer; HP, because (supposedly) they offer additional distribution channels that Apple cannot easily reach.

Look at who Apple is not working with: MSN, Real. What do they have that Apple doesn't already have?

World's Best Toilets

The world's best toilets, according to the Travel Channel. Time to redeocrate the toilet in your own castle? :-)

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