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Monday, September 20, 2004


Apple Store Plans Second UK Retail Store

The new Apple Store will be located in Birmingham at the Bullring shopping area, which just opened on September 4.

Macs Bring Lord Of The Rings, Other DVDs To Life

Apple Denies Apple AdWord Use

Apple hs moved to prevent UK resellers employing the wrod Apple in elements of their online advertising, reports claim.

Apple Shares Flying High

Apple's stock reached a new 52-week high on Friday, closing at $37.14.

iMac G5 Plans UK Tour

Apple's rock-star new iMac will be making its public debut across the UK in a series of 'iMac G5 Discovery Days' at Apple resellers across the UK.

Think Simple

Industrial design drives new iMac, Apple's fortunes.

Kansas City Apple Store To Open This Saturday

Terrence Coggin

Terrenc Coggin is the president and chief technology officer of La Jolla-based Information Appliance Associates, creators of the PocketMac series of software programs that bridge the digital divide Macintosh users face when trying to send data to devices such as Pocket PCs.

New iMac Clicks With Shoppers, Drags 'Em In

"We've been getting 50 to 75 calls a day just to see if we have them since the day it was announced."

A Music Download Site For Artists Less Known

When the new service starts this week, eMusic will look as much like a magazine as an online music service, with an assortment of reviews, recommendations and columns.


New iMac's Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder


iMac Upgrade A Chore, But Could Be Worth It

Mac OS: Take Command Of Your OS

The average OS X users shouldn't ever need to venture anywhere near the command line interface, but since you're not the average OS X user, it's probably time to have a rummage.


Presenting, The 2004 Model

This is how scientists from the RAND Corporation predicted the home computer will look like in the year 2004, 50 years ago.

Update: The photo is a hoax.


Mr Gates Goes To Washington

Microsoft cared little for politics until the Department of Justice called it a monopoly. Now the company approaches lobbying the way it approaches everything — aggressively — and consequently it dominates the technology policy agenda. CIOs may not be better off for it.

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