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Wednesday, September 22, 2004

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First iPods, Now Computers: Apples Are In

For many students, the decision to get a Mac is about one thing: music. Ever since Apple released its industry-standard iPod, audiophiles have been joining the Mac crowd in droves.


Microsoft: "iPod Has Captured The Imagination"

Microsoft has admitted that Apple has stolen a march on rivals with the stylish design of its iPod music player, but warned there is still a big market to play for.

Agenda Setters: Where Are They Now... Steve Jobs

The Apple juggernaut has continued apace and with a whirlwind of activity behind it, Jobs looks to be vying with Gates to become a stalwart of the Agenda Setters top ten.

Parents To Keep Tabs On Students Through Web Program

PowerSchool will allow parents to check on their children's attendance records and grades any time they want to.

Orders Pour In For New, Swanky iMac

Even before the latest to-die-for swanky iMac from Apple landed on Singapore shores, 50 pre-orders have been taken for it.

Mac Retailer In Montreal, Canada Closing Its Doors


Mac Or PC? Windows' Security Issues Help Some Users Choose

Microsoft should be worried. It apparently has a lot of frustrated users out there.


iMac G5 Versus "The Rest Of The Family"

iMac G5: Unpacking Hiccups

It appears that some iMac G5s coming off the assembly have a few minor mechanical flaws.

BBEdit 8.0

7 PDF Power Moves

To really squeeze the msot out of Adobe's PDF, you still need the help of a separate application — namely, Adobe Acrobat 6.0.

Mobile Mac: Inside AirPort Express

With its AirPort Express Setup Assistant, Apple has done a good job of simplifying the setup process of a complex product. It's a good idea to study what the AirPort Express can do in detail before deciding whether one of these small white boxes will fit into your personal wireless network.

Rock And Scroll: The New Click Wheel iPod Rules The Digital Music World

The new features may not revolutionize how you se your music player — but if you're an iPod enthusiast, then a new Click Wheel, longer battery life, and key software enhancements should give you plenty to sing about.

FileMaker Pro 7: Database Application Includes Revolutionary Changes But Retains Ease Of Use

It's the most secure, most reliable, most powerful, and most flexible FileMaker Pro ever, and it's still every bit as user-friendly as its predecessors. I think you'll be impressed.

eMac 1.25GHz: Faster Low-End Mac Holds Its Own

The 1.25GHz eMac is an impressive comptuer that holds its own against the pricier iMac, and the lowered price makes the top-of-the-line eMac even more appealing.

Dr. Frame3D: 3-D CAD Program Determines Structural Strength

It's easy to learn, it has every feature you might reasonably require, nd it sells for the lowest price ever seen for this kind of software.

Digital Camera Link For iPod: Device Transfers Your Photos

The Digital Camera Link for iPod is handy for clearing out your camera's CompactFlash cards and tucking your images afely into your iPod until you can get them into your Mac.

NetNewsWire 2.0. Mature RSS Reader.

Mac OS X For The Traveler, Part 4

As with so many things in life, preparation is the key to success. In this week's installment, you'll read about how to pack just the right amount of equipment, and how to make sure the data on it is fit for travel.


NetNewsWire Goes To Version 2

The public beta of NetNewsWire 2.0 is out, and it has a ton of new, and interesting features. In particularly for me, the Smart List feature is really interesting. Look likes the role of plays in the grand scheme of things is diminishing.

Help Wanted To Reboot System Every Month

Apparently, somewhere out there, there is a system that requires real human beings to reboot it every 49.7 days. Or else!

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