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Monday, September 27, 2004

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Apple Offers Fix For Spotted PowerBook Displays

The worldwide program covers replacement of LCD panels that show the spots.


Combat In High C: Microsoft Vs. Apple

"Microsoft will ultimately be cheaper because it's not out to sell hardware. It usually starts out badly in a new market, but then it eithers get better or it terrifies the compeititon. Usually it does both."

Apple Extends Panther Promo; Tiger Due In Janauary?

Apple has extended its "Add more life to your Mac" promotion — which offers a US$50 mail-in rebate with the purchase of Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and iLife '04 — until January 10, 2005. Interestingly, this is the first day of Macworld Expo San Francisco.

Griffi Offers iPod Flashlight, Laser Pointer Add-Ons

"The iBeam flashlight is surprisngly functional when a quick beam of light is required in a dark car or doorstep."


iTunes Affiliate

Since the actual program is not run by Apple, it's very un-Apple like: ugly and kludgey and painful to look at.


Apple AirPort Express Base Station

We are very pleased with AirPort Express Base Station and will continue to carry it everywhere.

G5 iMac Handles Tasks With Flair, Fewer Wires

Be assured, if you've got the money, this machine is beyond fine — it's downright sublime.


Apple And Me

Dave Winer has a different response — if he is developing a RSS reader — than Brent Simmons, on the subject of Apple and third party developers: "It's really up to the users. If you want us to continue developing the software, you have to be sure we get enough money to do so. If you think Apple is capable of satisfying all your needs, then you have nothing to worry about. If you'd like insurance, help us stay in business."

I agree completely, but I would also like to add this little note for developers who are facing competition from Apple: don't whine about Apple not giving you a job, or not buying your company, or not conceding that you have the original idea. Even though Apple is the platform vendor, Apple does not owe you a living. Be innovative. Be creative. And, as Dave noted, listen to your users. You can compete with Apple, but only if you want to. You may want to note that Brent Simmons did not whine, did not complain, and did just released a new beta which adds tons of user-requested features. I predict he will do well.


Virgin Launches Online Music Service

Virgin Digital is jumping into the market with a full-featured music jukebox written from scratch, in which it is offering a music download store and music subscription service powered by wholesaler MusicNet.

HP Discontinues Its Itanium Workstations

HP, one of the most aggressive promoters of Intel's Itanium family of processors, is 86ing its line of workstations that use the chips.

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